Migraines - what we eat

Sorry if this topic has been covered - I’m just learning to navigate this site.

I find that so many of my headache problems are related to eating. I get nearly daily migraines/dizziness. I usually feel great in the morning until I eat something. I know there are “trigger” foods out there that I avoid, but I’m wondering if there are just plain food allergies that can lead to MAV. Anyone been tested?

I have been following the anti-migraine diet by Dr. David Buchholz in his book. I have been doing SOOOO much better on that - I’ve cut out a lot of processed foods. The headaches still creep up often, but not as often as before.

I’d love to find some more dietary aides to beating this thing. I feel like my Topomax makes me feel emotionally stunted and angry.


I am glad to see that you have found this site. When you say that you feel fine until you eat “something,” I am assuming that you mean just about anything. I am going to guess that it might have something to do with blood sugar and insulin levels. I know that if I let myself get hungry in the morning, that I end up dizzy, and the headaches soon follow. Reading Rick’s posts on the other forum, I now understand that it has something to do with what the body does to prevent the blood sugar from going to low.

I am wondering if the reverse is happening to you, if you are eating something that might cause your blood sugar to spike and then your body is creating extra insulin to try to overcome the spike, thereby cuasing the headaches.

Anyway, that is my two cents worth

food is one of my worst migraine triggers - all sorts of food.

there are two kinds of migraine triggers, phenylethylamine and tyramine, which are bacterias in amino-acid (protein) in food.
food-migraine is an food-intolerance, that means that people with migraine that gets attacks from something they eat, has a reduced productions of one or more of those enzymes, that for other people breaks down the unfortunate bacteriacs. some people with migraine react on small amounts of these, other seems to be able to handle bigger amounts, some reacts to only one of the two, and others reacts to both.

food with phenylethylamine:

  • chocolate
  • alcohol
  • citrus concentrate (like in candy or juice)
  • aspartame
  • surface treated fruits
  • citric acid

food with tyramine:

  • cheese
  • chocolate
  • processed meat, or meat that has been “hung” (not sure about the translation basically it’s just mean meat that is not fresh)
  • tofu and other soy-products
  • yogurt
  • the third spice (MSG)
  • smoked food (like smoked fish or bacon)
  • tuna (both fresh and canned)
  • bananas, raspberries and grapes
  • nuts
  • all kind of bread and cookies with sour-dough.

… i don’t only get headache or vertigo from theses, and i react to more foods than mentioned here… all fruits and tomatos too… if i eat something i shouldn’t my head turns all red and warm and i start feelin odd… and i get diarrhoea.