Migrelief results?

Has anyone used Migrelief for a period of time (longer than 3 months as directed for full benefits) with any relief ?
If so, how has your motion in balance/vertigo responded to it? Do you still have the dizziness/cloudiness?

Hi, never heard of this until reading your post. It sounds good but always skeptical of these type of products though at the moment I would do or try anything to help. I would also be interested to hear what people think please.


Hi Ian, it’s Justme , I saw you replied to my question regarding Migrelief. I just want to fill you in where I at, maybe it can help. I have made a science out of researching this horrible condition. I have lost my previous job, and was on the verge of loosing my current job. I read constantly on boards, forums, books, articles you name it I have read it. Although I have been prescribed many medications, I have not filled one, (I don’t like meds)so I can’t share any news on those. From all my research I have to decided to do three things:
1-to watch my diet like a hawk, yeah took me many years to finally give in and try to follow the migraine diet, not fun, but I’ve gotten to the point, that my favorite foods are no longer important, my peace of mind is.
2-regular daily exercise.
3-taking magnesium & vitamin b2 daily.
With all that said, question is do I feel better? Yes, but I don’t know if my migraines have simply run it’s course for the moment or if all of what I am doing is working for me. By ‘run it’s course’ I mean Typically when I get my migraines with the dizziness It lasts for months, then it lightens up for a few months, etc…so I am going to keep doing what I am doing (I have no other choice) and see if it works for me in the long run.
The reason I posted my question regarding Migrelief is, it contains magnesium, vitamin b2, & feverfew, so I wanted to hear from others suffering with MAV experiences with it and if it has results with the vertigo/in balance/dizziness part of the migraine.
I have some Migrelief ordered, I will keep you posted on my results. Give me a few months, I need to see if in 3 months how it’s working.
The only other thing I would suggest is read, read, read…knowledge is very important.
A few books I would recommend are:
Heal Your Headache the 123 program David Buchholz (Author)
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Migraines by Mauskop, Alexander, Fox, Barry
Also from these MAV forums/boards the book Migraine by Oliver Sacks was highly suggested…
I have that one on order in the mail, can’t wait to read it:)
Take care…