Ministry of Food

So glad you put that there, Scott. It’s great. I might be able to find one or two things that i can eat from there :slight_smile:

if the nitrites are the unsafe thing then do some of you eat the no nitrite meats you can get at the health food stores? I’ve eaten a little bit of them. Bacon and some deli ham or turkey once in a while - no preservatives i don’t think there is anything else in them that is a trigger?

i don’t know about me and eggs though - eggs a trigger for any of you?

I think i may be allergic but maybe not.

I’ll be glad when i figure out if tomatoes are a trigger because i love them hope they aren’t. Seems almost like i can’t figure out food triggers at all.


I have been eating eggs all through the MAV nightmare , was never told to cut them out, don’t think I have had any problems.
I have also been eating tomatoes .

I was warned by Dr. Carey not to eat more than 2 fresh eggs a week. He okayed unlimited intake of non-fresh, though, so initially I froze them. For months, though, I’ve been breakfasting–with no probs–on reconstituted egg whites, sometimes baking with them as well. (Family history of cholesterol/heart.)

Tomatoes were not restricted, so I’ve not kept away from them–except for the canned ones containing citric acid.

Funny about the eggs. It’s one thing I can eat tons of with no ill whatsoever. S