Mirena Coil

Is having a Mirena Coil with MAV a no go?

i went to have mine taken out by the doc but she told me to persevere with it as she often prescribes it to migraneurs!!!

dont know what to do now…

Is that the one with hormones?

Dr S told me to get the implant taken out of my arm- we think it might have contributed to the big band in the first place.

Hormones can be a trigger in some women.

But some doctors also treat menstraul migraine with artificial hormones…

Swings and roundabouts really.

I prefer not to be on them as it’s more natural and I then know that I don’t have the trigger of artificial hormones.

I heard theres a coil you can get that is copper rather than hormones… maybe that’s worth a go?

I think the jury is still out on Mirena - the hormone fluctuates throughout the body less than other methods, so some seem to do okay with it. People who are really sensitive to hormonal changes may not. Are you having problems with it?

hi - am feeling worse at the mo, and have had a new one in for about 4 months now. Think the dizzies are worse at the mo due to hormones as cant think what else could be triggering it. Obviously dont want it out if its helping! - guess i might not know unless its taken out.