MM or MAV or something else?

Hi all…I posted this message also on a Meniere’s forum. After suffering from symptoms for 6 years or so, I have finally been diagnosed with Meniere’s. However, this was a 2nd opinion by a 2nd doctor…the first does not think I have Meniere’s. Past doctors did not think I had Meniere’s. They suspected “exertional migraines” but the meds I was given did NOT help…think it was meclizine? Then, I was also given a medicine that is also used as an anti-depressant and I wound up being too scared to take that.

Basically, 2-3 hours after exercise/weightlifting/cardio, I begin to have dizzy spells lasting up to 9 hours and they are devastating. These ONLY happen following exertion or exercise, never at other times. WHAT DO I HAVE? This is the message I posted to the Meniere’s forum last week:

This has been a very lonely and frustrating struggle…through the years. Not even wanting to do cardio or weightlifting because of the devastating effects that follow. The symptoms have even followed sexual activity. Basically, anything involved exertion or heavy breathing? Not sure. On two occasions, I was driving a car when the attacks happened. Thank God, one was on a residential street and all I did was black out for a second and hit the curb at about 10 mph. The 2nd time, I was on a freeway in Los Angeles (just about the scariest moment of my life). SOMEHOW, mainly because it was 1 AM, I was able to quickly exit the highway and find a gas station at the corner. I instantly threw up by the side of the road and felt much better. The terrifying thing for me is that, with my attacks, I very often find myself leaning to the right. In fact, the pull to the right is so strong, it’s like a gravitational pull. I have to grab something to keep from falling over. It’s always to the right, never to the left. I literally started in the far left lane of the freeway and before I knew it, I was pulling all the way to the far right lane. I don’t know how I didn’t crash.

I guess we’ll see if this medication works, as far as the dizziness. I am giving it 6 weeks and then I see Dr. Wilkinson again. If it IS exertional migraines, I am wondering why the hearing loss? In reading the symptoms of Menieres, it covers just about everything. I also spoke to another doctor at House Clinic today (Wilkinson was unavailable) and he said…as someone did earlier…that you can have high frequency hearing loss and still have Meniere’s.

Basically…at their worst…my attacks feature this:
*Profuse sweating
*Tightness in back and legs
*Fullness or “pulsing” in both ears
*Exterior sounds are muffled and outside speech is muffled
*Leaning to the far right
*attacks begin 2-3 hours after the exercise/exertion
*attacks come every 30 minutes, for 8-9 hours
*vomiting usually ends the attacks, after 7-9 hours

On a couple of occasions, the attacks have happened without exertion, but very rarely.

I should add that during my weightlifting, I ALWAYS experience one or both ears popping or getting ‘full’, to where I feel the need to swallow and clear the ear. It’s usually the right ear, for the most part. My exercise is usually restricted to lying down (bench press), bicep curls seated at a machine, and lat pulldowns. On Sunday, working out for the 1st time while on the meds, I felt all kinds of popping and ‘crinkling’ noises in my right ear, especially during the lat pulldowns.

Someone mentioned sodium and salt. On one occasion, I had the symptoms while on a date. We went to a movie. I had salted popcorn. Within 30 minutes, I felt 100 times worse. Needless to say, it’s not a fun time to throw up in front of your date outside the theater.


The most concerning thing right now for me is the hearing loss. If worst comes to worst, I just will never workout again. But I need my hearing. I have to have my hearing. I am having another hearing test on Thursday and it will be interesting to see if there’s any improvement in the several days since I started the meds. I would like to be able to hear music the way it was intended…without distortion. It would be nice to hear what my co-workers are saying, without having them shout it.

Again, the speech recognition in my left ear went down 30% over a 2-week period, from April 18 to May 3. At the House Clinic, it went up 6%. They put an insert in my ear during the audiogram and it went up to 96%. This basically means a hearing aid would be beneficial, right? I am not encouraged by the “insert” test…hearing aids are an option but I would love to avoid them, if at all possible.

I am currently on 3 medications…well, 2 actually. The steroids I was put on have expired today. I am now taking a diuretic daily and LBC COMPLEX PLUS vitamins, 2 times a day. Both were prescribed by the doctor at the House Clinic.

Thanks again for all your great suggestions…