More eye stuff

Last week i had three very dizzy days in a row (mostly at work) and on the 3rd day i finally left work early to try sleep it off before an outing to the theatre that night.
when i woke from about an hour nap my left eye (which has been blurry on and off for months) was so blurred I could not see anything out of it at all. It lasted over an hour and since then both my eyes have been SUPER light sensitive and also the actual eyeballs ache on both sides.
I went to the opthalmologist on Monday who tested my eyes thoroughly and said there is nothing wrong with them, it must be neurological. however he also said visual migraines (which I also get) are different - flashing lights etc in BOTH eyes.

So I stupidly googled and discovered that blurring in one eye that rectifies itself, as well as dizziness, as well as light sensitivity and eye pain can all indicate an unruptured brain aneurysm.

i do suffer from hypochondriases / health anxiety and tend to fear the worst so instead of staying on google or going to yet another doctor I thought I would ask if anyone here relates to the same symptoms - severe eye blurring in one eye, eyeball pain, light sensitivity and of course dizziness. I also have trouble focussing my eyes on anything at the moment altho i had my script tested recently and it was fine.

I have not been diagnosed with MAV but an ENT and 2 opthalomologists now think it’s possible my issues are migraine related - the neuro I saw told me to take prozac and wouldn’t even consider migraine :frowning:

Aneurysms are unusual so I wouldn’t automatically make that leap. It is scary to have unexplainable symptoms and searching online with a list rarely gives one a calm feeling - I know when I’ve done that I always cringe when I read all the awful things websites list. :frowning:

However, if these symptoms are still bothering you then it seems prudent to get them checked out. Do you have a family doctor you trust? If yes, I’d go there and tell them what you’ve written here.

Did the neuro you saw say anything about this list of symptoms?

If no-one will take you serious, and the symptoms continue, I would recommend that you see a neurosurgeon for a consult. NOT because I think there is anything there but just to give you some peace of mind and to rule out anything that the ophthamologist and neurologist might have missed.

Good luck.

Hi Mermaid,

Be VERY careful about consulting Dr Google, you can misdiagnose yourself with all sorts of crazy stuff.

I’d suggest optic neuritis as a possibility for you. It won’t show up on A routine opthamological exam unless they’re looking for it and you need some specific tests. BE WARNED if you Google ON you’ll get hits for MS. Don’t panic! I’ve had ON and I don’t have MS. Two clear MRIs, just like you.

You need a neurologist who understands migraine. Time to move on from the ENTs and eye doctors and find a brain doctor.

Thanks to you both. msmolly my GP already just puts everything i tell him down to anxiety. he did put me on ami in December for headaches and I emailed him on Monday about the eye stuff, return of the headaches despite the ami and the dizziness and he said to up the dose of ami and see how that goes. am only on 5mg a night tho as higher doses - even just 10mg - made me feel so spaced out and stupid i was not able to function. we can’t see neurosurgeons here without a referal but I am seeing (yet another) neuro next week so here’s hoping for something.

Victoria when I went to the second opthalomologist he specifically checked for optic neuritis and said there was 100% no sign of it…

Oh, and a week after the first super-blurry eye spell i had the exact same thing happen - again after an afternoon nap, lasting over an hour.

since then the vision in my left eye has been off / slanty

Hi Mermaid,

You don’t need a neurosurgeon, you need a neurologist, specifically one who gets migraine. Good luck at your appointment next week!