More Signs of Improvement

Hi All,

I thought I would share with you my latest adventure :slight_smile:

I’ve been driving!

Not just down the driveway or around the block, but to the doctors’ offices, which this month has been quite a bit. August is catch-up month. So for the past 2 weeks i’ve been driving 20 minutes, sometimes longer, to and from, once or twice a week(i’ve had a lot of appts to catch up on after my two years of being housebound)

I feel great while I’m driving, of course. And I suffer some after I quit driving, but even six months ago i couldn’t even drive down the driveway without suffering during the drive. So this is great improvement.

I can’t do it much because I still need 10 mg Valium, which pales by comparison to the 20-30 i was taking as a passenger. Don’t worry about the Valium, to me 10 mg of V is like a baby aspirin. One step at a time.


Congratulations, Julie! I’m truly happy for you. :smiley:

Good to hear, hope things keep getting better for you.


Wow, congrats! :smiley:
Which meds are you on now, again? I know topamax and klonopin, am I missing something “older”?
Edit: And Effexor, of course… But you just said that hadn’t helped? :o

Congratulations Julie, I’m so pleased for you! I love driving, it really helps me to forget things so I’m glad to hear you are able to do it now too.

How is going with the Effexor, any improvement yet?


Thanks for all the well wishes Guys :slight_smile:

Tran, you have a good memory. It’s Klonopin and Topamax that have done the most for me, although I’m also still taking Neurontin, which Hain wants me to continue. Neurontin took away the visual, auditory and other sensory auras. And you’re also right, Effexor has not done a thing for me, which bums me out. But…Hain says, give it 4-6 weeks. I’m at 3 weeks, so patience, patience. It’s just that everyone I’ve talked to who has had improvement (a whopping two people) saw their improvement within days of hitting 37.5. Boslee told me he has talked to a bunch of people who had to go up to 75 mg for improvement so even more patience, patience. I talk to Hain in another month and my guess is that he’ll want to go up to 75 - he hates to do that because at that point you’re risking that hellish withdrawal, but if it might work, that’s what i’ll do. Problem is, i get most of my improvements at the lower doses, even with Topamax.

i’ve been off of Zoloft about a week now, i weaned off of it while i titrated up on Effexor so i’m only suffering very mild withdrawal syndrome. i can hardly complain about it (although I do), but I know things could be much much worse.

Thanks again for your well wishes, it always feels good to know that there are people in it with me. And i’m in it with you guys too.


Julie…i am so happy for you! I hope your reach your goal!!!