More Tests Next Week

So they called today and I have to have another MRi and MRA with contast. I had an MRI without contrast in December last year, can someone explain to me what the MRA is …they told me it is going to take about two hours .

I am sure that will be a joy to try and make it through two hours in the tube. Last time it was only 20 minutes and that was not that bad at the time. But my anxiety was not near what it is now either.

They are doing both the head and the neck. So I guess that is why it will take so long.

Then I will set up the appt with the Emory Clinic after that has been done…

I have had a MRA. It was done in the same machine as the MRI. They are looking at the blood vessels in the neck and head for any narrowing, plaque, or dilation among other things. I do not recall it feeling any different than the MRI. They did need to use contrast for my MRA. Hope you test goes well. Good luck. Kristen

I wonder why doctors keep using MRI’s, if it’s migraines one has then theyre useless(?). A PET-scan (or even a spect-scan) would be much more interesting, and considering how many damn MRI’s some people seem to get over the years, probably cheaper too.

They use the MRI’s to rule other things out. They do not want a lawsuit