Morning dizziness and nausea


Just wondering if anybody else experiences this. I have a combination of a peripheral vestibular disorder and migraine. I sometimes find that I feel particularly bad with nausea and dizziness on waking up in the morning. Sometimes this is associated with a headache, but mostly not. My neurologist thought it might be die to head motion ie tossing and turnng, during the night.

When I was suffering nausea in the morning I found it was worse if woken quickly rather than slowly waking up.

What do you think about the possibility it is caused by central nervous system activity returning after being almost zero during the night? The level of CNS stimulation does seem to correlate with increased symptoms for me… i.e. drink caffiene-containing drinks, have racing thoughts etc. but also exceptionally dizzy.


That’s a good point. I guess with migraine, the thinking is that all kinds of stimuli can trigger migraine: light, sounds, smells. For me, visual motion triggers symptoms most of all. So I guess I have had my eyes closed all night and then waking up means you are suddenly exposed to stimulation again. During the day when my symptoms are bad, I find closing my eyes for 5-10 mins can make a real difference. I wonder whether its low brain activity during the night, or just that our awareness of sensory stimuli is virtually zero whilst asleep.