Most Bothersome Symptom

Hi Everyone,

The bottom-line…what is your absolutely, positively #1 most bothersome symptom with MAV? For me it use to be the Vertigo episodes…but since i don’t get that very much anymore i would definitely have to say the MOTION that i feel 24/7. This Wave-like feeling in my head can sometimes be extremely bothersome and when it really rev’s up i just want to go to my bedroom, close the door and rest! It wears me out!

Hope to hear from you.


DISEQUILIBRIUM 24/7 - the ground isn’t flat or some might say marshmallow feet

Hi joe,
As you know I hate the rocking, but the worst thing for me is feeling disorientated 24/7.
it plays on my self esteeme.

The brain fog, absolutely no question. At worst I feel like I am thinking at a tenth of my brain’s usual speed. I LOATHE it and it plays havoc with my ability to do my job.


hannah…i get the brain fog big time especially if i don’t get enough sleep in a given night…but that goes for all the other symptoms too which of course includes feeling disoriented. I did not sleep well last night and i’m suffering terribly today…with increased motion, disoriented and the brain fog and i feel sooo tired! I just barely made it thru work! This ungodful condition!



I don’t get one that’s worse than others as I cycle through this. And when in that cycle it is the worst at that time. So it can be dizziness, brain fog, neck and head pain, or anxiety. The dizziness and anxiety are probably the toughest to handle.


I would say the 24/7 rocking/dizziness, just becasue it is constant and I NEVER get a break from it…but I would say my anxiety from this is the most debilitating.

I was thinking this morning we could very well have more than one thing going on…a bit of Mav(headache)…another pinch of Inner-ear and of course how can we not forget anxiety. Yesterday at work was so rough because i did not get good sleep the night before that my head felt like i was wearing a head band all day long and i work with mentally challenged adults and the staff person that i was teamed up with…we took them to a fast food resterant and i felt so disoriented i could not even get their purchases right and i mixed things up…what a disaster! Thank goodness this woman i work with understood and she gave me some help with the purchases. Is this sad when your headache like condition is so bad i can’t even count money properly without making mistakes.


Even though I fall a lot, I have to put brain fog at the top of my list.

BTW Joe, that sounds like how I would have handled that situation. More than one order and I am guaranteed to mess it up.

Mine seems to change everyday from brain fog to falling over to dizziness. What wins today as the most bothersome is the unrelenting pressure in my head. It feels like my head is going to implode or explode any second and it has been going on none stop all day. I honestly cannot deal with this. Does anyone else have this and have you ever got it to stop?

Hey butterfly,

I have a lot of wavy like motion which is felt in my head but along with that I have pressure or kind of a squeezed-like feeling in and around my head and is felt more on the right side of my head. Sometimes I refer to it as tension. Not sure if we have the same symptom and we just refer to it differently?? Can you elaborate a little on the pressure-like symptoms?


Hi joseph0952

Sometimes it feels like I have a helmut on my head and it is getting tighter and tighter. Other times it feels like my brain is being squeezed. I dont have this everyday but a few times a week and when I do have it it seems to be for all day and nothing helps get rid of the pressure. Its doesnt seem like a shooting pain Im feeling its unrelenting pressure. Intense pressure. I have been diagnosed with silent migraines. So im not sure if this is how my migraine is manifesting itself but I sure cant stand it.
Thanks for your post.


I can certainly identify with feeling like your brain is feeling squeezed. Not only that …sometimes it feels as though my brain is moving back and forth very gently which again brings on motion. I have this squeezed like feeling in my head 24/7…but with medication it helps to decrease the squeezed like feeling. I was diagnosed with Migraine Equivalent which is basically MAV and or Silent Migraines.

Our symptoms are all a little different.


Brain fog, like youse, when I am trying to get something done, along with exhaustion. Nausea even if I’m not trying to finish something/get something right. It’s months since I put in a full day revolving around physical labor.

David…i’ve had this MAV condition for a number of years and the brain fog has subsided some. But if i don’t get plenty of sleep or don’t take daily medication the brain fog will be at my door step. I become very disoriented and memory is affected.


I used to get the head tightness and pressure, but my Effexor treatment seems to have held that back. However I am slightly lightheaded - triggered by motion, like looking down or bending over. My neck is stiff today as well. Meclizine has helped with the dizziness somewhat when it happens…but I just stopped taking daily Ativan (V E R Y slowly). Looking to get Valium since Benzo’s seems to help with the dizziness.


Hi Mr. Mitch,

I tried Effexor a number of years ago and there were too many side affects. I think the next medication i’m going to try is Proponhol. So you were taking Ativan? That is a benzo. Maybe the Valium will work better. I take a very small dose of Xanex daily (in the morning) and that helps to keep the Motion and tightness…squeezed feeling in my head to a much lesser degree.


Thanks Joe…yes, I knew Valium is a benzo too…but not nearly as additive as Ativan. As for Effexor, I know many on here have had a bad reaction to it, but I’ve had little to no side effects…just lucky. The last couple of days I’ve been doing really well with little dizziness…I find that coffee helps quite a bit (another problem for most here).

Mr. Mitch…consider yourself lucky that you don’t have any side affects from Effexor. INfact…i have had side affects from all the SSRI’s. I appear to do better with anti-anxiety med’s than anti-depression med’s. You are lucky once again that you can drink coffee…i have to very careful on my intake of coffe…i drink something like Folgers with 1/2 the caffeine. I wish i could go back to my 4 cups a day of coffee…i would be one happy man! If i could just get the squeezed like tension out of my head i think i would become cured very quickly. :slight_smile: