Motion sensitivity!

Hi all!

I was just wondering. Since a lot of us suffer motion sensitivity due to our sensitive ‘highly strung’ systems, can this calm down once on the right migraine preventatives? Since this since desensitize the system a bit? My worst offenders are fast elevators, planes and big ships! I’m ok in cars… Until the car stops after a long trip! Thank you :slight_smile:

yes, mine disappeared for the most part once the meds kicked in

That is fantastic!!! I live in hope! :slight_smile:

nortriptiline helped a great deal of my motion sensitivity- i still have some but it doesn’t bother me that much or affect my functioning.

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That is fantastic!!! I live in hope! :slight_smile:

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yep. I used to stumble out of cars all the time after a trip as the ground would seem to keep moving even though we’d stopped. I was fine driving or moving - it’s the stopping that always got me :smiley: