Mouth Ulcers/ Cankers

Hi Gang,

I’m wondering if any of you suffer from mouth ulcers? I have had them off and on my entire life. I would typically get them when I caught a cold. I can remember having them when I was really young –– like 7-10 years of age.

But now they are really bad. By avoiding food triggers I can stay clear of them. For me, most citrus fruit is out, anything whith chili is bad news and also tomatoes. If I eat this stuff an ulcer or two will show up within 48 hours. I had a tomato salad on Sunday and am getting hit hard. There’s at least 4 in my mouth. Painful stuff and really annoying. Just shows me even further how heavily I react to certain foods either via migraine or mouth ulcers.

Scott 8)

Funnily enough I have one at the moment - I’ve had them all my life. Generally get them when I’m tired/ stressed out. Back in the days when I used to hit the booze hard and party like a crazy man they were more common. My monk style life has pretty much reduced them now - although I would prefer a few ulcers if it meant I could have a few beers. God its been 18 months!

I was having them bad during the fall and I am not sure it that was due to the new stress of all of this or what but I had to be very careful with what I ate, plus I also changed toothpaste to one that is for canker sores which seemed to help. There is an ingredient in most toothpaste called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and it is placed into toothpastes and some mouthwashes in order to create foaming! (Sodium lauryl sulfate is also the main ingredient in your shampoo - go check it out.) It is said to cause canker sores…so you can find toothpaste that do not have it in the formula.

I also had some carafate which its for stomach ulcers and used it when i had them and it seemed to help them also. Is there really any rhyme or reason to all of this for any of us that are sensitive to everything know to man… :mrgreen:

UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!! I also get those horrid little things. One would never think that something so little could hurt so bad. I understand them to be hereditary also. I have gotten them for years and now some of my kids get them as well.


I was reading one person’s apparent treatment for mouth ulcers. She claimed to have them all the time and then heard about using cranberry juice to get rid of them. So she says she drank about 1 litre daily and hasn’t had an outbreak since. I’m skeptical but considering a few litres of cranberry juice only costs a few bucks, it’s worth a try ––that is if it doesn’t cause migraines.


The Cranberry juice might help if your ulcers are caused by scurvy - all that Vitamin C! Should also clear up that nasty urinary tract infection… :lol:

All joking aside - could it be the change of meds? Anyway, hope they clear up. They hurt like hell! Is like the paper cut of the mouth.


I get them on ocassion; rarely though. I remember when I had been at a weeklong festival being drunk every day; I woke up after coming home with bad cankerzores.
Apparently these are not caused by herpes (unless you also get em outside the mouth). I think I read somewhere that changing toothpaste can help (to some specific kind, dont know which).

its 4 am so time to go to sleep lol

Hi Vic,

could it be the change of meds?

That could be opening things up for a greater reaction. But this has hit full force after the tomato fest. It always hits after fresh fruit too … sadly, I avoid citrus now. :frowning:

Off with his head…the culprit should not be bothering you again… :mrgreen:


I also get them and it has been going on all my life. The last few years i get a Q-tip…put some Hydrogen Perxide on the tip and dabe the sore in the mouth and it helps it to heal.


Just found this post…i have been getting bad mouth ulcers since i was 12 (when hormones kicked in?) I get them more before a period but also from eating the same kind of foods that you said Scott, in fact even before i had MAV i have never eaten citrus for this reason, now i know it triggers MAV too.
It’s weird how many of us suffer similar conditions alongside the MAV isn’t it? I also have IBS and asthma (though this is not so severe nowadays)