Mouthwash chemistry

All the ADA-recognized non-fluoride mouthwashes seem to be alcohol-based. I want to avoid these if possible, firstly because I don’t like the pucker and second because I’ve been instructed to use mouthwash every time I take in something potentially cariogenic–a category that includes a whole lot of sugar-free items.

Does anyone know whether alcohol is necessary to dissolve the active ingredients, menthol, eucalyptol, &c?
Even the xylitol-based mouthwashes seem to contain alcohol, unfortunately.

Hi David,

Yes, I read the report on this as well – apparently using alcohol-based mouthwashes increases oral cancer risk. … 5805928465

A dentist once told me that if I do use them to immediately give the mouth a good rinse with water afterwards. So at least you’d lower the risk this way.


Thanks, Scott. I had not seen that report.