Moving on up!

With tomorrow at exactly another weekly interval (and I am still continuing to see small gains) I will be asking my Neurologist to bump me up to 100 mg of Topamax. Started at 25 mg and have increased weekly ever since.

I am still have issues with tinnitus, but it does not seem as loud or as debilitating as it was before.

I am still on Klonopin…at approximately 1.5 mg a day (.5 mg x 3 a day)

I am still taking Remeron for sleep (that is some good shit) :smiley: (that is clinical terminology for all of you non-technical clinicians)

I have had the the longest stretch of feeling decent…yeah! Not awesome, but decent. I will take that for now :mrgreen:

Will keep you posted about the 100 mg of Topamax and if my neurologist is in agreement…I am assuming he will be.


Alright! Sounds like you’re getting some good results so far. Keep the faith. You’re on your way.


I doubt any results are from the Topamax, as I have read that you need to be at the top maximum dosage for at least 6 weeks until you will see any potential positive results.

I imagine that the past 20 days of feeling better have been because of the Klonopin and nothing more.

Regardless, I will keep on the Topamax path and see where it leads me.

Thanks for the well wishes though :smiley:

By this time next month, I should be nearing 300 mg or so :mrgreen:


— Begin quote from “Go Gonzaga”

I doubt any results are from the Topamax, as I have read that you need to be at the top maximum dosage for at least 6 weeks until you will see any potential positive results.

— End quote

Hi Todd - that’s great - so pleased for you! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to remind you that you just need to be at a ‘therapeutic dosage’ of the Topamax (whatever that may be for you) - you don’t necessarily need to aim for “…the top maximum dosage…”!! :wink:

Fingers crossed for you Todd!


Got the green light on the 100mg of Topamox today.

My physician wants to stop there and just evaluate the results for awhile.

This is starting my 4th week on the medication.

I am still doing pretty good. I have had a couple of bad days recently (blips I will call them) but today was back to a pretty good day. i will try and not over-analyze these too much :shock:

Continuing on the Klonopin and Remeron for sleep and keeping my fingers, toes, and other parts and pieces crossed (no foul jokes Scott! :mrgreen: )

I am not 100% by any stretch…but have certainly improved. Do not know how long this will last, but I am living in the moment for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Will keep you guys posted about the Topamax…have no idea ultimately how high he will want me to go. I have had absolutely zero side effects on the stuff. Nada, zero, zip.

Take care guys and keep saying prayers for me…I need them. It has been a long, long 4 1/2 years. I need a break, I really do :slight_smile:

Your friend in Washington State, Todd

Sounds like things are going well, great to hear!! Does your doc plan to have you continue on the daily klonopin if things remain good for you with this mix? I swear I need to find a doc who’s on board with a daily small dose benzo since it helps so much!

From the other side of Cascades, in rainy Seattle :slight_smile: -Anne

Hi Anne,

I honestly do not think the Topamax has done anything yet…I have only been on it for 3 1/2 weeks at 75 mg.

Maybe I am wrong though.

Also, I am certainly not back to normal by any stretch.

However, I believe that the Klonopin has helped to bring my brain back to a more normal “baseline” than Xanax ever did.

I do not know why…but I really do not care why anymore…as long as it continues!!!

Will keep you posted

Todd…from equally wet and dreary Spokane, Washington :lol:

Hi Todd,
I remain very happy to hear of your recent progress. I was wondering if you ever considered that Klonopin was your drug so to speak. While ideally I understand why you and many docs would prefer to see you on a drug like topamax long term than a benzo, but did you ever consider just taking the Klopopin at .5 mg three times a day solo? It seems your doc is very comfortable with the benzos.

Thanks Lisa,

Not sure what you are getting at?

Are you saying that the Benzo Klonopin might be the “magical purple pill” and not a mythical migraine medication?


Doesn’t it seem that Klonopin, which is prescribed for epilepsy in doses up to 20mg daily, is used more for its anticonvulsant properties? Since it calms the brain, and overactive brains seem to be our issue, that might just be enough on it’s own to do the trick?
however, if you also need some tweaking in other departments, in comes SSRI’s or other meds…

Todd, since you are now getting good sleep and feeling better, and the Klon is working well…your brain may start to heal and get back to normal where you won’t need the Topamax? Just a thought…I do think it’s worth a try since you are on board already…why not shoot for the moon? And by moon, I mean 100% better!!


Yeah, the klonopin just may be your drug. If your doctor is cool with you continuing that route, I’d stick with it and the topamax.

Hopefully you can get this totally kicked :slight_smile:

100%…i have forgotten what that is like?

Is that where you wake up without your ears ringing?

Where you actually want to get out of bed instead of sleeping all day :slight_smile:

Supermarkets don’t make you crazy?

Motion intolerance is a thing of the past?

You are not fatigued 24/7

Should I go on :lol:

thanks for lifting my spirits…I will keep you guys posted. I am still very cautiously optimistic. 4 1/2 years does not make up for 23 days of feeling 65% . Let’s get real here ! :smiley:

But it is a start maybe !!!


That’s great Todd,

I’m in the same medication boat as you are. I’m at 125 mg of Topamax and started that in February. I would like to stay on it until month 4 to see the results. I also have the same benzo as you (crap, can’t think of the name! geez, this is my stupid brain) but only take that as needed 0.5 once a day. i’m really trying my hardest not to take that.

my world is absolutely rocky 100% 24/7 but i am thinking that it not MAV anymore. I think that was from a possible vestibular nueronitis i wasn’t properly diagnosed with back in september. i’ll occasionally get a dizzy spell on top of this and that is what i think a migraine is, which actually i haven’t had in a month or so since i upped my topamax dose.

i still get blurry vision and my brain and memory is still horrible. not sure how to clear that up. =( i literally feel like a dumb blonde…