Moving vision

Who else has everything moving in their vision and an inability to focus?
It’s doing my head in!!

I get a sort of right left rocking in my vision that can make it hard to focus. At it’s worse things objects sort of stretch slightly. I can notice it especially reading because it can be hard to focus on individual words but it’s been improving on nortriptyline.

Hi Matt,

I’m currently taking 80mg of Propranolol but still waiting for improvements…it’s only been 18 days though so I know it’s far too soon to see anything yet!
Things shift left to right, up and down with me. If I try to focus, I start rocking! What dose of nortriptyline are you taking? And how long has it taken you to see an improvement?

Hi Jen

I’ve been on nortriptyline for awhile but only just started raising my doses for three weeks. Upto 30mg now. Anxiety makes it worse for me so it may even be being less anxious that’s helping.

This is a pretty new problem for me, I’ve only had it three months. Interestingly it’s coincided my balance being overly reliant on my eyes. I wonder if that causes it. Your brain not trusting or not sorting ear balance information property. Do you get problems with balance or vertigo in the dark or trying to sleep?

Yep - My balance isn’t great in the dark. I feel like I’m bouncing! It’s basically a confusion between the brain, ears and eyes but yep, I’m visually dependent.
I don’t feel it so much when I’m in bed unless I think about it.
Anxiety makes it a lot worse for me too but it’s so hard not to get anxious about it. I’m studying at the moment and gee, trying to write documents and concentrate with words gliding across the screen is just…well…rubbish!! I’ve read it’s something to do with hyperactivity of the brain so I’m hoping these meds suppress it!

Yes of all the symptoms I get it’s by far the most annoying. Like being on drugs or something. I’ve found valium helps lessen the rocking but I try not to take too much.

Tell me about it!
I just hope I find the right med and sort this out asap!