MRI Results

I am now on day 7 of waiting for my MRI results and I am freaking out. I had one done in March of '09 that came back normal but with these new dizziness symptoms they wanted to check me out again. Has anyone had lifelong migraines then had something bad turn up in an MRI such as a brain tumor or something? I’m very worried. I’m hoping right now no news is good news.

Very poor form on the provider’s part to make you wait this long…not appropriate in the medical world. :shock:

However, I would take a deep breatch and relax. The chances are so miniscule re. a tumor that it is not even worth entering into your train of thought right now.

Using your time and energy to figure out how to beat MAV would be much more useful. You will be fine :slight_smile:

Take care and I will say a prayer that you get the info. back soon,


It’s certainly good news after this much time. Nobody ever waits this long to call someone if they’ve found something bad on a brain scan.

But I agree with Todd, it’s really rotten to keep you waiting a week. Try to distract yourself (I know, easier said than done). MAV folks virtually always come back with normal MRIs but they have to do them anyway. So sorry you’re going through this.

You’ve gotten good advice there, and I’ll add one thing. After a week, there’s nothing inappropriate about calling or emailing and asking–at the least asking when you’re likely to learn your results.


Hi Tamsha,

I think MRIs are over-used especially when you consider you already have a history of dizziness, already had the negative MRI, yet here they go a again because of worsening dizziness which is consistent with migraine flaring up. While it’s good to check the boxes off I seriously doubt some tumor that was not there in 2009 would suddenly now appear. It doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to me. I think you should be completely relaxed about this and know you are dealing with the usual migraine junk.

Best … Scott

Thanks everyone for your reassurance - I hope it all works out ok. I’ve called my doctor’s office everyday and even once to the neuro office who of course didnt appreciate THAT call - they never do. Still no results from either so I guess I just need to calm myself down and be patient. Thanks again!

Hi Tamsha,

Where do you live that it’s taking so long? The worrying is the worst, I agree. I’ve had two MRIs (2002 and 2009) and on both occasions I picked up the scans myself straight after (and read them - who can wait??). I’m sure you’ll be fine - like others have said, if it was bad news they would have got you back in quick smart. Your doctor is obviously being thorough in getting you to have the MRI (which I think is a good thing) but yeah, it sucks to have to wait. Hope it’s not too much longer.


I’m in Canada - our healthcare system sucks. I still have NO results and it’s been almost 2 weeks now. I’m hoping it’s all okay but just to know would ease my anxiety

Hey, if it’s any reassurance at all to you, if you lived in the UK they probably wouldn’t have done a scan on you at all, the chances are so slim of anything abnormal being found. Fluctuations in this condition are sadly really normal though I am equally as guilty as panicking at times - it’s hard to believe that you can feel so awful from something as vague as migraine and central sensitivity.


Hate to get too political - but OUR healthcare system sucks worse. (I’m in the U.S.) If you had lost your job in our country, you wouldn’t be worrying about MRI results because you wouldn’t even be able to get one, since you’d have no health insurance to pay for it. Unless you had a couple thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket and wanted to pay for it yourself. But then you’d have to pay extra for doctor’s fees if you need any ongoing treatment…

But I do agree that it really DOES suck that you’ve had to wait this long!!

All is normal - thank you so much for your support. Now, just to deal with this MAV monster!!

Great news Tamsha. The reduced stress of not knowing will hopefully help you to feel much better.

Sometimes I wish they would find a benign chestnut growing in my head that could be removed (without damage of course) and let me return to my pre-migrainous eat-whatever-I-want days. I suppose I should be careful what I wish for though.

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Tamsha, terrific news and what a relief! Now you have ruled out other nasties you can focus on tackling the migraine.