MRI tomorrow! Wish me luck & Keep me in prayers!

Hi all,

this is off the subject a bit, but here it goes anyway. Last year when ended up in the ER cause of my dizziness, they did an MRI on me they found a 3mm brain aneurysm behind my left eye. I never really brought it up here because I didn’t want to confuse anyone and have people thinking that the dizzy’s could be from the aneurysm. They know 100% pure fact that it has nothing to do with the dizzy’s.

Anyway, it’s been 1 year now and my follow up MRI to see if it’s grown or not is tomorrow. There gonna give me a possible 2 answer’s. One is they’re gonna say I need to have brain surgery or two, I’m not going to need surgery. Hopefully it hasn’t grown at all. But if it has, that means brain surgery to get rid of it. I can’t imagine what brain surgery would do to a migraine brain, but my guess is that it’s probably not a good mix.

I’m really nervous about it right now, but I’m ok. My neurosurgeon told me that the success rate of this surgery for me is 98%. Which is outstanding I think! He also told me that he could get to it in 2 ways. One way is actually open my head up and cut through the brain and clip it. :shock: The other way is, they can go through an artery in my leg, follow it up to my brain and coil it without actually cutting my head at all. I’m kind of leaning towards the coil.

I asked the neurosurgeon what would happen if it were to burst. He told me because of where it’s located, I’d get the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life and I’d most likely die. I said no chance of surviving huh, and he told me I may live for a few months very disabled and then I’d probably die shortly after. :frowning:

So please keep me in your prayers and pray that this thing doesn’t or hasn’t grown at all. I guess if it has grown, I should be happy that they caught it in time and the fact that I’m dizzy is the reason that it was found. So in a weird way, MAV may have actually saved my life. I know we don’t hear too many people ever say that, right. :lol: I appreciate everything everyone and I’ll let you all know how it all goes. Thanks everyone!!!


wow! I hope you get the results you want

Hugs and prayers to you Greg!
You will be just fine!! Keep us posted!!

Greg - Wow - on top of MAV?!! but yes, ironic that MAV was what enabled you to find out you had this! Good luck!! Lots of postive thoughts coming your way. Will you get the results right away?


Wow! Holy crap, after hearing what he said if it burst I’d say just get the sucker outta there!! :shock:

Good luck Greg, breathe deep you’ll be fine…

Hi Greg,
Wishing you all the best for a good outcome - whether you have it removed or not. It’s amazing what the surgeons can do these days! My mum died from an undiagnosed brain aneurysm so I would agree with you that having MAV may well be a lifesaver for you!
Good luck

Good luck, just try to keep in mind that a lot of famous people have been rushed to the hospital with those things and they were saved – I think it happened to Neil Young, and the drummer in REM, the guy on Rock of Love, and others too. It’s scary but just remind yourself that every operation has a 1 or 2% risk of death, so this is not really that different. Might as well get it cleared up. Best wishes, I think you will come through with shining colors.

Yes, good luck Greg. You’re in my thoughts.


Best of luck Greg - hope it all goes well.

Hi all,

All of the prayers and thoughts paid off!!! I just got back from my appointment, and the neurosurgeon told me that it hasn’t grown at all and it’s not likely to ever grow. He don’t think this will ever cause me any problems in my life. He said, “if you were my brother, I’d tell you to not have any surgeries or anything cause this thing is stable, looks good and is nothing to worry about.” He said I can just keep living my life the way I am and the next time he even wants to look at it again isn’t for another 3-5 years.

He also said no sense in having a brain surgery done on something that’ll probably never be an issue in my life. We know it’s there and we can monitor it in the upcoming years. Imagine having brain surgery, and something does go wrong in the surgery and screws me up for life over something that is not likely to ever cause me an issue anyway would be pretty devastating. Even though the surgery is highly successful, it’s not worth the risk. He said he’s seen hundred’s of aneurysm’s like mine and they usually never move. And if one day down the road, it grows, then we can make a move on it. But for now, it’s nothing to lose sleep over.

I’m sooooooo happy that I don’t have to have brain surgery that my dizzy’s have actually lightened up and I’m feeling good right now.

I did ask him about my dizziness, and asked if there were anything else abnormal going on in my brain that he could see, and he pulled up my MRI and showed me my brain, and said that I don’t have anything that indicates anything, not even white spots that are common with migraine. He showed me my basilar artery and a bunch of other arteries and said that I got good blood flow all around the board and there’s nothing he can see there that could be causing my dizziness. But also said that you can’t see head pain and dizziness stuff in there anyway. The only thing he could tell is that the blood flow is nice and well all throughout my brain. No lesions of any sort anywhere and structureley I’m looking good.

Thanks again everyone!!!


great news

So happy to hear your news - now you can stop worrying about the aneurysm & concentrate on getting on top of the MAV!

Awesome news Greg - also great to hear that you’re now feeling good and that your “dizzy’s have actually lightened up” - all that stress can’t have helped! :slight_smile:

It all worked out, great news.

Yea, it’s kind of weird, since I got such good news about this, I feel as if a weight that I didn’t even know that I was carrying has been lifted. I actually feel like I can move on and get on with my life. I never realized how much the aneurysm was bothering me until they told me that spectacular news. In fact I always told people that my dizziness bothers me more because it affects me everyday and the aneurysm doesn’t.

People always have asked me how the aneurysm is and all that, and I’d always say, well I hope it don’t grow and I don’t know hopefully I don’t have to have surgery on it when I they check it again. Now I can feel free to tell people that it’s no problem, this thing don’t move at all and my surgeon sounded pretty certain that it will never grow.

It’s so weird, I never realized how much that was eating me up inside until now. My dizziness is still doing pretty well too. I’m feeling like around 80-90% well, where as the last month before I started and stopped the celexa, I was feeling around 50-65%. I feel like I can make it through this too at the moment. I’ve been doing some elliptical this week when I stopped the celexa and I’m getting better again. Maybe with the weight of the aneurysm off my shoulder’s now, I can keep improving with the dizzy’s. I feel like I got a piece of my life back, it’s wonderful.


80=90% is pretty fine. I’m glad for you.

So glad for your positive news Greg! Amazing how letting go of worry helps the spirit:))

Great news Greg. Couldn’t be more pleased for you.


hi greg thats funny(not really a nightmare!) i have a similar issue but mines doggy blood vessels, they said similar thing to me about surgery, id go the coil before they slice my brain! i wish those dam machines never picked this up as ive probably had it for years blissfully unware. At this stage im running the risk i just think my vertigo would get worse. Your probably in the same boat with vasco constrictors hey? no more naramig, imitrex for me. they also think mines unrelated to the vertigo! so im back there in 3 months


Yea, I don’t do vasoconstrictors. I don’t really get the headaches so I have no reason to take them. I think they’re used more for migraine head pain rather than the other migraine symptoms. I took midrin once and that’s what actually put me in the hospital last year. For some reason midrin morphed my dizziness into a very bad bad way. The neurotologist I saw should have never given me midrin, because I don’t have the head pain, and he knew that. I don’t understand why he had me take it. Well, it put me in the hospital and I’ll never take another vasoconstrictor again.