Much Better Today - MAV questions

With minimal head pain, this last bout of dizziness, brain fog and exhaustion is on it’s way out. Today, I just feel sort of hung-over. Scott, you have mentioned that your dizziness often precedes migraine. Is this generally the case? I can experience head pain without an increase in my dizziness though on those days, I wind up drained of all energy. Then there are days, like Monday and Tuesday, where the dizziness is poorly controlled even with meds, with little to no head pain at all (and more tired). Is this common with MAV?

Hi MJ,

Good to hear it’s burning out. No, I don’t always have dizziness or disorientation before a headache. There’s all sorts of patterns I get over time. For example, over much of November and December I had few headaches if any at all that I recall, but had a considerable amount of dizziness every day. The dizziness continued in Thailand and no headaches. Then I got back and the dizziness died off … as of 2.5 weeks ago now, I’ve had daily chronic head pain and neck pain. My gut has also been a constant problem as well. It’s singing and grumbling down there as I type. :?


Sorry to hear about your head pain, Scott. And why SHOULD there be a pattern so that we could know what to expect, right? I mean…where’s the adventure in that?! :wink: