Multiple dizziness feelings

Does anyone one else get diffrent kinds of dizziness i get 3-4 diffrent kinds of dizziness and does anyone get a confused kinda feeling can still function but feel hard to figure things out ?

Yes, I get the full blown vertigo attacks (spinning, cant move head fraction of an inch for hours)
Then the dizziness from low blood sugar, swimmy, cant bend head (other symptoms with this, shaky, jittery shaking inside)
Then the dizziness caused from doing too much (I have CFS) where I am sweating, hard to keep going and dizzy
Then the daily dizziness, which varies in strength, sometimes in the backgound, trees slightly moving etc. and sometimes so bad, cant read, watch television or bend head over.


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yes, at LEAST 3-4 different kinds of dizziness. With seemingly no rhyme or reason as to how they come and go. Pretty frustrating and frightening. Here’s to the next med we try be the one to stop it all.


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Yup, I can support ever body here with the multiple types of dizziness. It confuses the heck out of most people when I try to describe the differences, that is except for the people on this board. 8)

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