Multivitamin that does not suit

lately i have just got off a natural multivitamin which i was taking along with cymbalta and topamax for close to 5 months and feel so much better. when i initially started taking the multivatimin i noticed my symptoms getting worst but i had attributed it to the MAV going through its course of ups and downs. however My bad period historically gets bettter in a week or max 2 but this time it wasnt getting any better. i was always suspicious that it cud b the new multivitamin but somehow i would self convince myself that cudnt b cz not only does the multi vitamin has none of the banned ingredients for migraineurs which we all know about but in fact all ingredients r plant based extractss. so i used to tell myself wat harm can some plants do to me? boyyyyy was i wrong! so guys just a pre warning that u test watever ur gonna consume for a few days before u buy in bulk. u really nevver if it might not suit u

im confused- so you said you were feeling much better *with *the multivitamin, cymbalta, and topamax, right? and now that u are off the multivitamin, do u feel much better? do u think the multivitamin was preventing the meds from working as well as they can?

sarah right from the beginning after starting the multivitamin i started to feel bad. but with my MAV i have ups and downs regularly so assuming the multivitamins were fine i attributed my sympmtoms going bad to the normal bad patch which i was sure wud last for awhile and i wud b back to my 80% baseline. but that wasnt the case this time. the bad patch was not getting better at all and for the life of me i cud not tell why until after 4 months i ran out of supply of those multivitamins as i was travelling and surprisingly i started to feel better. i still cud not figure out why all of a sudden i was feeling better whilst travelling when in fact it shud b the other way around. came back to singapore and got onn the multivatamins again n started feeling like shit again.aaaaahhhh thats when it clicked that it cud b the multivitamins. stopped taking them and started to feel better again. so all in all it took ne 5 months to figure out that this all natural plant extract multivitamin did not suit my brain. what bummer

there was probably some filler material or preservative in there that you reacted to- glad you are back to feeling your 80%- I hope that keeps going up for you!

The lesson here is that it does not matter if something is “natural” or not. There is no migraine safety in the word natural – be it vitamins, herbs or whatever. If you ingest an active molecule or slap some cream on your face that contain natural ingredients – any of it can trigger migraine. Never assume that something is OK because of the natural buzz word that is used to effectively dupe people into buying so many products. The internet is drowning in them.