Multivitamin vs. individual combo

Hello All,

I am new to this site and so thankful to have found somewhere where others are going through the same thing I am! I am at the beginning stages and looking to start on the supplements recommended. 2 questions: 1.) Should I continue with my multivitamin as well? (I struggle with low iron and with all the dietary restrictions with MAV it seems necessary) and 2.) How much of each the Magnesium, CoQ10, and B2 should I be taking? Oh and 3.) Is Fish Oil a good one too??

Thanks so much for any help!! I can’t wait to stop feeling like I am moving constantly and dizzy 24/7.


I’ve wondered the same things too. I’m so desperate I’m on the migraine diet and I’m also a diagnosed celiac, so my diet is limited (at least by my old standards), but if we really look at it, this can be an extremely healthy diet. The hardest thing I’ve found to give up is cheese, bananas and coffee (even though I only drank decaf I gave that up). I think a standard multi along with the supplements is fine. I believe you have to be the most careful with b2 (maybe someone can confirm this)? Just google your supplements and see if any of them build up in the system. I also take a multi and I’ve added feverfew, coq10, magnesium citrate, and a B complex. I do miss the sweets as well (ice cream and frozen yogurt!) but because of the celiac and going dairy free I don’t really eat any processed sugar anymore, which I’ve heard is good in the long run. I feel that all the stress of mav is aging me, so maybe the diet can counteract some of the stress, haha. Good luck!

Thanks for the response! Have you had much success with the diet? I am wondering if all nuts are a necessary food to give up or not? Have you noticed any change with the supplements?

The way my symptoms are now, I haven’t noticed any changes due to the diet, but I’ve only been on the strict diet for 3 weeks so it’s too soon to tell. I’ve struggled with undiagnosed mav for almost 10 years (with intervals that were definitely manageable and I lived “normally”) and I really do believe that if I’d known it was migraine and stuck to the diet I would have been better off throughout those years, i just didnt, although the obvious things like caffeine and chocolate would sometimes trigger what i now know is mav. Now that my condition has taken a turn for the worst I’ve started meds, but I also want to do whatever I can to fight it, which is why I’m doing the strict diet, exercise and supplements. Even if it doesn’t help the mav it’s still helping us, by sticking to a mostly vegetable and protein based diet our bodies will be happier. :smiley:

Oh, I also forgot to mention, theres a supplement called Migravert my friend who gets “normal” migraines told me about. I havent bought it, but it does have everything in one pill. I take all my supplements in different pills because it’s cheaper, but for convenience it might be something to look into.

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That is super helpful! I may look into buying that. Maybe I will post and see if anyone else has tried that. Would be nice to not have to take a ton of pills. Good luck to you!!