Mvertigo Constitution

Hi All,

Some have asked that it be made clear the rules which will govern mvertigo in terms of conduct and what is expected of members who participate on the board. We’ve got a very diverse group from all parts of the world here which is great and with that a lot of strong opinions too. All good as long as everyone remains respectful of one another.

Support, understanding, and good will from all members towards each other if and when you can participate is expected. Disagreements in discussions pop up occasionally and are normal and healthy; respectful debate is fine and even encouraged. Be clear, however, that disrespect, personal attacks, mean-spirited remarks, or the selling/marketing of unsubstantiated products will not be tolerated at mvertigo. Anyone found breaking this agreement will be given ONE warning. If the behaviour continues a ban will follow. The process of banning will be discussed by two or more admin and/or moderators before a final decision is made. If anyone here ever feels that they are being harassed or that someone is trying to sell them something for the seller’s financial gain, the issue should be brought to mine, Adam’s, Victoria’s, Kelley’s or Robert’s attention immediately before you respond. No one here should ever feel afraid to post for fear of being personally attacked or belittled.

We have a very unique forum here, and one that is highly regarded even among the top migraine professionals in the field – we are listed at Johns Hopkins Medicine as a place to go for information and support and Professor Steven Rauch sends his patients here to aid in making a MAV diagnosis. Prof Rauch has also kindly reviewed some of the material posted here. Our wish is that new people arriving here with either Vestibular Migraine (VM) or Meniere’s disease (MM) will always feel welcome and excited about the prospect of real support and unbiased information in helping them to understand what has happened and how best to manage migrainous vertigo and MM using the very best science-based evidence. Note that while there is absolutely no problem with discussing “alternative” therapies at mvertigo, be prepared for the treatment to be examined thoroughly and critically if there is no evidence to support it.

Finally, I want to add something that is very important and was a concern of the good Prof Rauch when he visited our forum:

— Begin quote from ____

My only reservation about the BB or chatroom format is when patients start taking treatment advice and recommendations from other patients based upon the others’ own experience. I would love to see some sort of BB guidelines or a disclaimer encouraging everyone to discuss any treatment advice with their own physicians.

— End quote

We’re really lucky to have this forum. Let’s all make sure it remains one of the best and informative ones on the web.

Many thanks,

Scott, Adam, Victoria, Kelley and Robert

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