my 6th visit to the neurologist - aggravated

Hey everyone,
Today will be 6th visit, as I am dizzy as hell and need to actually be able to get work done.
Last time I was put on Valium, which worked wonders for me, but I was only given 5 days worth. They did not want me to take anymore. I do not know what else they can do for me at this point, besides collect a copay. I am starting to get frustrated…
In my last 5 visits, we have discussed supplements, exercises (which I do not feel really do anything) as well as keeping a headache/dizziness log.
I will be going in today with my log for them to see. ( it’s long)

Any suggestions on what I can do to advocate for myself a little bit?? I am not afraid to tell them what I know I need, but I understand that they are the professionals…
Forgive me for venting, I am just afraid it will be more of the same today. It’s starting to feel like groundhog day.


Take in a print out of Dr. Hain’s page on VM and ask for amitriptyline or Effexor.

Flutters, will do. Thanks.
I just read it for the first time and it is a nice amount of info.

It made a huge difference with my neurologist.

If VM is the diagnosis and you have exhausted supplements and VRT. Next steps is meds. Like @flutters said Effexor is a good start.

They started me on cymbalta for a little while. After reading some posts on the site it seems promising. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Good luck!

Cymbalta is a close cousin to effexor both SNRI. Effexor hits norepinephrine better than cymbalta. Cymbalta you need higher doses to work for migraine compared to effexor.

Good luck.

I saw my VRT today for the first time since I started Effexor XR. I flew thru tests that two months ago made me dizzy enough to vomit. She said at this point I’m better compensated than she is!

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Wow Emily, great going. Hence they say dont do VRT when migrainious.

She cancelled my next appointment and scheduled me for a month out. The AO Chiropractor did the same thing. It’s like night and day from where I was 6 months ago.

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Emily, if you broke chronic migraine kudos. Look for exacerbations which are the acute attacks. Once they pass you might have imbalance and VRT helps during this time.

How is your general walking balance ? You can focus on looking side to side and walking VRT

I will pay attention. I haven’t had a migraine in a couple weeks. Starting Effexor caused that. Now I’m good. I thought maybe I was having one yesterday, but it turns out my swim goggles were too tight! :stuck_out_tongue:


Balance is and has been pretty good. Yesterday I shared a lane in a full pool and was totally fine, without even taking a Meclizine. That was impossible a month ago.


Still on 25mg ? Stay there cos it seems to be working well for you.

I have a feeling your ketosis still plays a huge part along with effexor.

Great going !

Yes, 25 mg is where I plan to stay. Ketosis takes care of the migraines. Effexor is catching almost everything else.

I found something that works for migraines - Gatorade ! Not sure if it is a false positive…It does help little bit

That’s my first line defense for migraines, the electrolytes that is. I can’t handle sweeteners, real or fake.

Wow! You’re able to have Gatorade?!! Did I read that correctly?

Yes ! Why is that surprising ? BTW i don’t guzzle down a bottle…more like a sip and that’s it !

Hey Anna eats gators back in Florida…I have to settle for Gatorade !

i took the idea intitally from this MAV page by doctor Ian Purcell

He says adequate hydration with 2-liter mixture of 2/3 water and 1/3 electrolyte beverage is also recommended