My first visit to a Neurologist

Just wanted to share my experience of my first ever neurology appointment.
We went through my list of weird symptoms and they (consultant & 2 others) came up with the following:

  1. Likely to be ‘visual vertigo brought on by migraine’.
  2. They’re arranging an MRI scan.
  3. Had yet another blood test to check for something I can’t remember the name of – something to do with a thrombotic (?) disorder that can give similar symptoms – not sure about this bit as it was glossed over.
  4. They’re arranging a referral to a physiotherapist for the neck pain.
  5. Prescribed Amitriptyline 10 mg each night (other meds discussed but were discarded due to interaction with hypertension meds).

My husband was with me and we felt the consultant gave us plenty of time and careful consideration of all the symptoms (time is precious in the under-funded NHS so often you’re in and out like a whirlwind).

My next hurdle is to have some confidence in the Amitriptyline. I see from these boards that it gives many people horrible side effects, and it doesn’t always work very well. I need to form my own opinion of course, but as I’m going to a new job on Friday, I won’t start the meds until the weekend, just in case!

I’ll let you know how I get on.


Sounds like you had a very good appt and the doc was excellent covering the bases and even coming up with “visual vertigo brought on by migraine”. Wow. Yup, wait for the weekend to try the Ami. There’s no way to gauge how you’ll do on it. For some it’s great and for others not (me for example).

Hope it goes well … Scott