My head is banging so bad!

My migraine pain is getting ridiculous at the moment Im getting throbbing migraine every day its not just headache its migraine and it kills!! Add that to the dizzys and its an amazing combination (NOT) !
I was popping pills like sweets last week but I know that gives a rebound effect so have stayed off them the past few days but ouch it hurts.
Any suggestions what should I do? I need to go lie down now thats how bad it is and gets worst throughout the day , cant move my head too much as it just pulsats , Ive had a clean MRI so know nothing is going on sinster , what causes migraine? I need help with this pain any effective meds ? thanks D

Just took some more tablets the pain got too bad in the end :cry:

Hi Blondie,
I know the feeling ,I get terrible headaches all the time. Have you tried a Nerve Block just to get you through the pain temporarily. It didn’t quite work for me but it does wonders for others. I am considering Botox but I’m not to sure how crazy I feel about it. Usually I use an ice pack for my head and a heat pack for my neck. Sorry I am not much help because I’m searching for the same answers myself.

Ahhh thanks steve they are a nightmare arent they , Ive just woken up so am fine at the moment but who knows what my head holds for me later.
Im going to try the migraine diet starting this week , I dont seems to get worse or better with what I eat etc but Im going to try and see what happens.

Hi Blondie, Steves right, cold pack’s on the effected area do help.