My head is splitting apart

It’s not really splitting apart but it sure does feel like it. Not painful at all, just extremely disorienting. It’s like my left eye is trying to look left, while my right eye tries to look right, and it feels like the strain between the two eyes is splitting my head. Lots of internal head motion, and I have been like this for three days now, or is it four?

Oh, Brian, that sounds awful. Have you had this before? Anything you can do? Or is it just as case, as often it is, of sitting it out? I hope it resolves soon. Thinking of you there.


I’ve had this before, but to a much lesser degree. This actually is the main symptom that broke the camels back regarding my working. I just can’t concentrate on anything when my brain feels like it is splitting in two.

I took 4 times the normal amount of Valium I normally take and I was able to get this terrible sensation to subside. I usually really sensitive to Valium and can only take 2.5mg to 5 mg. I had to take 10 mg this morning. I feel safe taking this dosage because it is still less than what the doctors consider addictive, and if I have to keep taking it at this dosage level, I will be visiting the docs way before any addiction. :roll: