My husband wants me to try acupuncture, chinese med, chiro

I have not been functioning well for months. I haven’t driven in almost 2 years (except a few short runs close to home) and struggle doing daily basic chores around the house. I’ve tried many doctor’s, meds, diet, vrt and even a little medicinal marijuana and nothing has worked. I have been taking narcotic pain meds for awhile because my migraines are constant and sometimes they don’t work and I’ve had to go the emergency room for an injection. I also struggle with severe visual vertigo, especially while moving in a car.

My husband really wants me to try another route (chinese meds, acupuncture and chiropractic) but I feel like I have given up at this point. I spend a lot of days in bed watching movies and on the computer because I have too much pain and lots of body aches. How many have tried any of these and have had any of you had positive results if you did try them?

Thanks for any input.


I have tried chiropractic out of desperation many years back. It wasn’t helpful for me, and honestly, I don’t think it would really be helpful at all outside of a small number of musculoskeletal issues that chiro can help with. To be fair, I have not done thorough studying on this, just a gut feeling. I have not tried the others. Personally, I do not trust Chinese herbs as a whole (too unregulated and you often don’t know what you’re getting), but I have ventured into other herbal treatments that have shown at least some promise in studies.

Here’s a quick abstract looking at alternative med options:

I have tried feverfew, and next on my list is butterbur if my doc okays it. The side effects of feverfew made it prohibitive to me as a long term solution, but it does seem to help break a status migraine when I take a short multi-day course of it. It could be all in my head, of course :slight_smile:

I believe the general consensus from a peer reviewed standpoint is that real acupuncture and sham acupuncture were equally effective, e.g. there is a placebo effect, but if getting it done relaxes you and helps you, then meh so be it. As long as you find a reputable place to do it, all you really have to lose is some time and money, right? The risks are pretty low, though not non-existent.

More importantly, what do YOU want to do?

I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering. I can relate…I haven’t driven in about 9 months and it’s driving me crazy! I have seen an acupuncturist a few times and I have to say it did make me feel a bit better. It does take time though, like anything else. My acupuncturist described it to me like this: you have a lot of negative energy that is built up in your body and it takes a bit for your body to adjust to the new treatment and to get that negative energy moving. If you choose to try it, please remember that it may make you feel weird during the process and shortly after. I felt a little lightheaded afterward, but it went away fairly quickly.

About the chiropractor. I have always been skeptical, especially when it comes to someone messing around with my neck. I went a couple of times and just didn’t feel comfortable with it. During the few visits with the chiro, I was seeing a physical therapist also who told me to stay away from the chiro when it concerns your neck. He strongly believes in chiropractic care for lumbar problems, but says the neck is too delicate and you could end up doing further damage.

These are just my personal thoughts and experiences. I really hope you find some relief soon! :slight_smile:

Soon after MAV hit I tried acupuncture & Chinese medicine - both from a Chinese Doctor practising in Australia. Didn’t have any result good or bad from either. I also had chiropractic treatment on neck and back. Had spinning vertigo a few minutes afer leaving his practice. Rang them the next day. Never received any reply. Went to my GP - she said “Never let a chiropractor do any treatment on your neck, particularly if you have migraine”. Wish I had heard that advice before the event!