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My Introduction

This is my story. I am just 24 years old. Still studying and doing some freelance work in software and web development to support my education. I live in India. This year, in January, we had a picnic with some friends at a riverside. It was winter, but the day was quite warm. We returned home after the afternoon, and around 6 in the evening, I started feeling lightheaded. This was an all-new feeling for me. I thought coffee might help, made a cup of coffee, but before I could sip it, I started getting a vertigo attack, could not keep my balance, and vomiting started just with that. I was taken to the ER. The doctor thought it was food poisoning or something, gave me some injections, came back home, slept the night, and everything was normal for about the next two months.
Then on one day, I was copying something from my computer to my notebook; as my head was moving up and down, I felt a sudden sensation on the cervical and then again, vertigo, balance-issue, vomiting. I was taken to the ER, got an injection, came back, and slept the night.
But this time, from the next day, something was off. I was feeling dizzy all day. Issues were concentrating, reading, seeing something, walking correctly. So, I thought this might be Cervical vertigo. I went to an Orthopedic doctor, described everything from the start, and he put me on a two-month dosage of *Betahistine *! I took the Covid vaccine Astrazenica(known as Covishield here) in the middle of the course. There was a long line, scorching weather, an empty stomach, dehydration, and many other factors when I took the vaccine. And more on that, I went on a run in the evening after taking the vaccine. At midnight, around 4.30 or 5 am, I got my worst attack to date. I thought this Betahistine isn’t working for me.
I went to an ENT, he checked for BPPV, prescribed numerous blood tests, an MRI for the head. Every report was pretty much normal, except, I have a small arachnoid cyst. He again put me on Betahistine along with him, I visited a Neurosurgeon because he suggested so. The Neurosurgeon put me on Meclizine for 15 days. So, I was on Betahistine and Meclizine together. I was better for those 15 days but on the 17th day, I again got an attack. We visited the ENT, he suggested I might have Vestibular Migraine. And he put me on Propranolol + Flunarizine. But it wasn’t working. But I was still feeling dizzy. Out of confidence. We visited the Neurosurgeon again, and guess what, he prescribed Meclizine for one and a half months!
In between, I consulted with a doctor online who told me that taking Betahistine was not a good decision for so long as it is a banned medicine in many countries. Also, I searched Google heavily for all this till now, and I have come to know that Meclizine is good for acute treatment and if used regularly, the body starts responding against it quickly.
I stopped visiting all these doctors and went to Kolkata. Met a doctor who treats deaf and vertigo patients. He ran through investigations and found that I have a vestibular lesion. I am also deaf on my left ear(maybe from my birth), because of this, he couldn’t evaluate the left ear for Meniere’s disease. I also have some balance issues on my left side, that’s clear on the tests. He is treating me for vertiginous migraines and Meniere’s disease. I am better now. I am starting to work again slowly. I am feeling a little confident as it was completely lost.
Currently, I am on these meds,

  • topiramate - 25mg twice daily
  • spironolactone
  • hydrochlorothiazide
  • Desvenlafaxine (50mg) + Clonazepam

And for an emergency, two dimenhydrinate, one stemetil tab, and a Clonazepam.
Along with this, I am doing Vestibular exercises and eye exercises.
Sorry. This post went too long. But I thought I should keep the history somewhere.


Welcome aboard Nemo! That’s a tough situation at your age.

I’m glad you are seeing improvements already and wish you the best with a continuation of that!


Thank you. I believe this community will be a really helpful place for me because where I live, people rarely know about the disease so I can’t discuss it with a lot of people here.


Hey Nemo, our symptoms are pretty similar, just that i had vertigo attacks for years now, I am also at your age but the constant dizziness started last year for me, started off as light headed ness, like how i usually feel pre-vertigo attack and it didnt go away, after that got a panic attack a few days later and it just spiraled out of control. Anyway i am on SSRIs now and it seems to help quite a bit. Can you describe your dizziness? Is it like a boat feeling?

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Sorry to hear about your dizziness and pain. Actually, I don’t feel very dizzy or the boat feeling, it’s just when I’m in a comparatively darker room or in a room with a lot of people, I feel confused. Also, I’ve tried running before, and when I run, my vision feels bouncy. Also, I feel trouble focusing, things go out of focus. When I try to focus. I’ve to view again with more concentration to see something.
I hope you get well soon.

Venlafaxine is a huge help to be as a preventative. Still experience the occasional flare up of symptoms. This is usually as I’ve let my barrier down as I’ve been feeling so well and I guess triggers in the background are building up and whoosh the jug overflows.
I’m trying to break that exact cycle now!

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