My last Doctor Appt

Wow. That was a waste of $92. And time.

I went to see an inner-ear specialist to show him my MRI with contrast results and was somewhat hoping for an answer to my 24/7 Dizziness.

Good news- my inner ear is clean as a whistle. Bad news- I didn’t get the answer I was kind of hoping for- why am i still dizzy all the time? ( I was kind of hoping for some inner ear damage, something that was easily explainable :smiley:

Anyway, I began telling him about my history with MAV and he clearly had no clue (like many Doctors) and wanted to know why I was on Topamax and not Imitrex (DId not have an answer. Why isn’t that a popular drug for MAV anyway?) and told me that I could be depressed (why is this a common diagnosis? I’m sorry but you would be bummed if you were spinning all the time too, doesn’t mean I depressed. I am handling this pretty well.)

His answer? To get off Topamax and start taking Valium 5mg for 1 month. I told him I wasn’t interested in Valium because it’s only a temporary fix. I have it on hand when needed. He thinks it might break a cycle. I told him I don’t think this is just going to all of a sudden break my migraine cycle but I’m willing to give it a try? (Oh, and Topamax has helped me out a lot, I haven’t had the rotational vertigo since I started taking it and do not plan to stop taking that.)

After I started throwing out names like Dr. Hain, etc. he stopped being an a-hole and was outta there. Seriously, I am so thankful for this board and all of your knowledge. I have learned so much and I think would go insane without you all. So what’s next? I’m thinking to add another drug in the mix. Maybe a calcium channel blocker or the spinal tap to check my CSF’s Fluids. Just wish I could do that at Duke where they know what they are doing!

ilovesalem, I think imitrex is not intended for daily use - it’s to get rid of a migraine headache once one has started. I don’t think it’s used at all for dizziness. Topamax is for daily use in migraineurs, both for dizziness and headache, and it’s for prevention.

I got the best results on 200 mg of Topamax but side effects were unacceptable at that dose so I’m back down to 150. Not perfect symptom control but pretty darn good - fleeting occasional dizziness and only mild to moderate headaches.

It’s so frustrating to waste money like that, isn’t it? I lucked out early on by getting sent to a neurotologist who was a co-author of the emedicine article on MAV. So few docs know much about it. Hang in there.

Maybe you should talk to your doctor about raising your dose of Topamax?

Thank you for the advice and answers. That makes sense about the Imitrex. I had gotten up to 125mg of Topamax but the cognitive was so difficult and I was still dizzy so I lowered back down to 100mg.

the big problem is many dr have no real idea about vertigo as they have never experienced it, We should give them the hot air/cold air tests consisently for weeks see if they arent disturbed after that HAHA!!!Also they think vertigo/spinning doesnt long!crap!! The verigo can make you a bit depressed not depression giving you vertigo!You have to be a idiot to be happy about having spinning,ringing in the ears, constantly off balance,tilting etc. They have no idea, they walk/stand/balance without having to think about it as we constantly do, its exhausting. i had a bout of bad nsgtamus(eyes flickering air test we so mild incomparison) no amount of depression etc does that to you!! i have a script for imitex/imigran i havent taken yet. You only get 4 tabs so its a not a daily preventive, its a try to kill a bad mirgraine every so often. im not stressed,not depressed have no aniexty and have bad vertigo! 24/7 2 yrs…