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Although I do pop in from time to time, I thought it was time for an update. The good news is that I am currently in a (1 month so far!) remission period. The tinnitus is always with me - fluctuating., but usually pretty much background noise. (or perhaps I’m just accustomed to it) . Around September I embarked in a regime suggested by a Meniere’s sufferer who claims that it ‘cured’ him. It involved taking Vit C, Olive leaf extract and Lysine in increasing doses, holding the dose and then decreasing. This is meant to remove pathogens within the body like candida, mould spores etc. I was not aware of any ‘burn out’ as he described, but my symptoms shifted to less spins, but constant (fairly mild) dizziness and lack of balance for about 2 weeks before going altogether. Experience (in my personal case) makes me hesitant to claim a ‘cure’, but I’ll take any break I can get! At this point, I continue to take: Biocurcumin ( tumeric), Vit B com, Ginko, magnesium and a combination PQQ & Co Q10. I also take Zeolite powder a couple of times a week for clearing out toxins. No proof that anything is actually causing this remission …but not changing routine unless the beast comes back! If the head pressure increases I still take feverfew . I’m just sharing this in case anyone chooses to do their own research. I would also like to just wish everyone the very best for 2020, and hope that it’s the best year it can be for all of us.


Oh! And one more change I have made was to find an optometrist who has given me glasses with prisms again. Some seem reluctant for some reason, but the mult-ifocals certainly caused me hassles. I now have what they call ‘office lenses’ which give me extended ‘reading’ distance without the ‘line’ in bi-focals, but give me enough distance for computer and my stained glass work/reading recipes/instructions in the kitchen etc. I really don’t know why I was given multi’s after the cataract ops as I no longer need help to see distance… These have helped me a lot .

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Great news Beth! Sounds like an upward trend to me!

I’ve found my varifocals can cause me light vertigo sensations, especially when moving around near work surfaces. (these are not serious vertigo attacks, just my braining getting confused for an instant).

btw, I’ve made your first post a wiki in case you ever want to edit it as a summary (no pressure).

Thanks James. Not sure what a wiki is…but presume it means that I can summarize the whole post??? Would it be easier if I added the updates to the original post?

No need to add all the journal detail, only to edit it as a summary. You only need to hit the edit button now to change it. I have a pro forma I can add if you are interested that will give it a useful structure. (what the heck: added, complete at your leisure).

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