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My neck is worse...Cervical Dystonia anyone?

Sooo, I went to sleep on Wednesday and woke up with a painful crooked neck; just like that. I haven’t had a straight neck since; it’s just tilted to the right and my range of motion practically gone.

I saw Dr. Taylor, neurologist, on Friday and she thought out loud that Botox would be the best treatment, but the insurance requires that you go through all alternative treatments (pain & suffering) first. In the meantime she wants me to get a new MRI (yay!) and treatment is a different type of physical therapy (ultrasound, iontophoresis, heat, etc.), medicine patches, and mild muscle relaxants.

Could all the spasms I’ve been developing have led to this? If so, could this have really been the cause of the dizziness? I suspect it’s all connected somehow. I really do want to see a new MRI and hopefully find out more of what’s going on…Still trying to get better, but this is a new hurdle.

Nitey-nite y’all:)! Be well! xoxoxo


I may have posted this in the wrong place by error, but was looking in Other Illnesses to see if anyone has had as many neck issues or to this extent. I’m wondering about treatment (including Botox), success, and the effects on the dizziness afterwards. There’s no mention of the “d” word in the CD symptoms, but why wouldn’t there be?