My "new med" to try

Just met with my Neurologist. If nothing else, he helps to build up my morale that, one day, we will get this brain chemistry thing figured out. He is still positive that we can find the right cocktail of meds…which is encouraging to hear sometimes. :smiley:

He put me on a Ace-Inhibitor called Prinivil (or Zestril) as it has different chemical components than my previous two (2) failures of:

  1. Celexa
  2. Topamax

I will keep fighting the fight…that is all I can do :wink:

Anyone heard of these meds before in re. to migraine treatment? I haven’t…but that does not mean much :lol:

Take care everyone…continue sending some good, magical, happy , un-foggy vibes up to Washington. I will reciprocate when I am feeling better :o


Hey there! Just found this on another post and thought you would be interested to see it. Lists ACE inhibitors as possible migraine preventitive drugs…

Hope this medication works for you. Seems like we have endless options, but unfortunatley we have to give them a fair trial which takes time. Hang in there!

I think I will go and have a celebratory beer in honor of you! Cheers!

Have a few Jen…I’m thirsty today :mrgreen:

just clicked on the link I gave you and it didn’t give the information I intended…stand by… will find the correct one! … e_meds.htm

I am actually feeling a bit “normal” right now, and I wonder if the beer will make me feel off… I’ve usually only had one when I felt funny, and it straightens me out. Oh well… only one way to find out!

Todd when I win lotto, you and me are going on safari to kill our own bison and cook it and eat it out on your deck with the family and Kelley etc all.

I’ll make plans to win lotto, you sit tight.

Good luck with the new med - remember, think SMARTIES! :smiley:

Have a super weekend my friend, talk to you soon.

The Mups x