My reunion with chocolate!

Well after 2 years chocolate free, I had brownies! I LOVE chocolate, and have no idea how I have been able to stay away. Last night my neighbors dropped off homemade brownies, and there was no stopping me. I had some last night, and can’t stop eating them today. I really think I experienced some joy for the first time in 2 years, I haven’t had chocolate in so long, and have been so incredibly sick w/MAV, so I rationalized that the lack of chocolate cannot be helping at all. I even further rationalized that the happiness in eating chocolate can help build endorphins, which can help my migraines :slight_smile: I’ve been so very strict with Buchholtz’s migraine diet, and will resume the diet tomorrow. It was just so nice to have a little joy. Just thought I would share this after all my miserable posts.

Yeah for you!! So how are you feeling head ache wise? Maybe chocolate isn’t a trigger for you and you can indulge a little more. Your so right about those happy endorphins, the more the merrier! Enjoy!


Before I got MAV, I definitely noticed that chocolate triggered headaches. now, I’m so sick it’s hard to know. Besides constant dizziness, etc., I get a headache daily at 3 PM no matter what I do. But, it was delicious!

Chocolate, yum yum :slight_smile:
See how you feel from the chocolate, if you don’t feel bad then it isn’t a trigger. Then try adding other things one at a time (very slowly). I have spent many evenings fighting mr depression, flourishing my candybar :wink:

Not all migraineurs have a lot of food-triggers.

You deserve the brownies! Yeah! Migraines change with time, so maybe triggers do too…
Go for it.


Good for you! Enjoy!

Chocolate is not one of my weaknesses, except when I was pregnant! I think your baby likes chocolate just like his/her mommy! :smiley:

Thanks for all the support :slight_smile: I ate so many brownies that I am at the point where I cannot look at another one. I put the rest in the basement far from my sight. I am back on the diet, but it was fun while it lasted. It just stinks - with MAv, our symptoms are so chronic that it is so hard to identify out triggers. I have eliminated so many foods (as per Dr. Buchholtz’s book), but I may be doing it for nothing.

Hey Lisa,
If you find the brownies don’t make you feel worse and they bring you some joy, why hide them away :smiley:

I’m glad you had the courage to enjoy them! I would LOVE to get back into chocolate but I’m afraid the caffiene will set me off. Do us a favor ok? please let us know if you have any ill effects from it since it’s been so long. The reactions could take up to 2 days to show up. Don’t worry though lol. If you get any, you might feel a little more “off” than usual for a day or so, and then you will be back to baseline. I hope, however, that you have absolutely no effect from it. I might give it a try myself at some point. I really do miss chocolate cake on my birthday, but I always say to myself “it’s not worth the MAV mess” so I leave it ;-). Thanks for this!


Rich - I wish I could be of help, but my symptoms are very severe and 24/7, so it’s nearly impossible to see if the chocolate set me off more. I’m sure if I was doing a little better I would be able to identify triggers.

Good for you…wish I could have some chocolate do not want to risk it…just now getting back to some kind of baseline.

Hey Lisa and everyone else,
I’m reading the book the Migraine Brain and the author Dr. Bernstein doesn’t buy into “the migraine diet”. She does agree that if you have a known trigger to avoid it, but there is no solid evidence or reason to stick to any “migraine diet” in the hopes that it will cure our symptoms. Just her opinion of course, but her credentials are quite impressive…

I think I’m gonna have chocolate for dinner…lol.


Hi Lisa,

I much prefer Bernstein’s take on the diet. I just wish there was more of a consensus with all of this. I also wish that she made more of a mention of MAV.

You should, though, savor the chocolate. you deserve it!

btw - I just sent you a quick email.


Hey Lisa,

Glad your not having much problems these days eating chocolate. I very rarely will take a chance on chocolate because i know what will most likely happen. The motion and dizzyness will increase and i can be out of it for hours. Once in a while i will pick up the smaller size Snicker bar and generally i don’t have too much problem. But i’ve noticed…with eating See’s Candies…that really sets me off!


I didn’t eat chocolate for nearly three years. It was hard because I’m sure I was addicted to it. Then I had one little square once a week, every Saturday night. I did that without incidence for about six months. Then two squares a week for another month or so. No problem. Then I got a bit gung ho about it and went overboard. I got my taste for it back, couldn’t resist it and got into real trouble after consuming just too much. If I’m honest I could feel it building up in me over the weeks and I should have heeded the warning signs. I ended up in bed with my first really disabling vertigo attack in over three years. I’m scared to have any more now, although I think that in moderation I probably could. But that’s my trouble - with chocolate and me, moderation is out! I live in hope though that one day, when I’m a little more stable than I am right now, I might be able to indulge again. But for the moment fear keeps me away from it.


So, I had my last brownie Sat evening, and have had a nonstop headache sunday, monday, and today. I do usually get daily headaches at around 3PM each day, but it lasts until I go to sleep at then reappears about 3. This headache is constant and VERY severe. It might have nothing to do with the chocolate. I was crying heavily all weekend because of this crap which is a trigger for my headaches. It has also been very hot outside, and I have terrible allergies for the past few days, and cannot take anything because of the pregnancy. I also had onions for the first time in awhile sat and sun. I cut that out as a trigger and have been eating shallots instead. Who knows, but I am not having any more chocolate until I get better one day.


So sorry things aren’t going that well. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I really wish you’d talk to your doctor. There ARE pregnancy safe medications and it seems as though you could really use some relief. All your stress is no good for the baby!! I can understand wanting to stay away from meds but there is a point when your emotional and physical state could harm you and your child. Have you tried any breathing exercises or maybe some simple yoga postures? I know I look pretty pathetic when I do them but I don’t care they help! I picked up my knitting yesterday and though I didn’t get very far but I DID IT. Don’t let this beat you!!

Praying for you

Thanks for your concern, Tammy. I see my ob/gyn next week, but they are not familiar with migraine meds. I will inquire about zoloft, but I haven’t read such great stuff on the internet about taking it in the third trimester. However, I am aware that many take SSRIs in pregnancy with zero problems. Funny, I always tell my pts to practice deep breathing (I am a psychologist) but don’t do it myself. I was proud of myself today. Instead of sitting home sobbing, I drove to a nice park about 2 minutes from my home, and sat on a shady bench and watched some swans in the pond. This is something I would NEVER just do prior to MAV. Of course, I felt awful but it did beat staying home and crying. I will try to do it again, especially when the weather cools down a bit (it has been VERY hot).