My trip to the Endocronologist

Well everyone, I had my appointment this morning with the endocronologist. I told her the whole mav story, my other doctor visits, my symptoms, etc. She said that at my age (34) hormonal fluctuations are normal and just becuase they are fluctuating, it does not mean there is a hormone problem. Fluctuations are not problems but can present symptoms. She said that because all my bloodwork is normal along with other tests, there is no need for any treatment or to check my hormone levels. She said there is one 24 urine collection test that I have to get to look for a tumor on the adrenal glands that can cause these symptoms along with others. She said she is 99% sure I don’t have this adrenal gland problem, I can’t remember the name of it. She said - remember if this is hormone related - it will go away, tough it out. Since my periods are regular and there are no hot flashes or fertility problems - there is no hormone problem.

One good thing - my vitamin D level is up from 16 to 73.6. I am no longer deficient. I did this by taking 1600 iu’s per day. She said low vit D levels can present a ton of symptoms.

So, where does this leave me with mav? I guess I’ll just take my 90% days and deal with it. I am grateful that I am better. I swear the Vit D helped my mood and outlook. I hope this helps some of you.


90% is great! But, I’m sure once you reach 90, you begin to want to feel perfect - makes sense. we all deserve to be back to our best. Just wondering, did the doc see other pts with our symptoms?

What medication are you taking? if youre only taking one med, u may try to add another med (carefully of course) and see if that takes you all the way to da top :stuck_out_tongue: