My visit with Dr. Kaylie at Duke

I saw Dr. Kaylie today after a battery of tests at Duke’s vestibular clinic. The outcome was MAV, which I thought. He has referred me to a Dr. Adkins who is also with Duke. She is apparently a MAV specialist. Has anyone heard of her? He also added Diamox to my meds. So far the Diamox has made me super sleepy and kind of foggy. He thinks it will help along with the Verapamil, Cymbalta and valium. I’m kind of nervous about being on so many meds. Has anyone else taken Diamox? How did it work???

I took 125 mg Diamox for a few weeks and it didn’t make me feel any different. But that may be a low dosage.
From what I understand, Diamox is a diuretic that happens to also lower CSF pressure.

I was on Diamox for a few days after my patch for csf leak. It was to treat the rebound you get after a patch due to your body creating too much csf when it was compensating for the leak. I was on 125 mg every eight hours. It made me tired. I didn’t notice the foggy, I think it actually improved my fogginess from having the rebound high pressure. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluids.

Thanks you’ll. I took it last night and didn’t notice any improvement with the rocking. Dr. Kaylie never ever mentioned a CSF leak although I wrote it down in my notes to him. I guess he just didn’t think that was the case? Surely he didn’t just overlook it as a possibility? I think I"m going to talk to my new Dr. about increasing Verapamil from 240 to 360? Verap and valium seem to work the best for me so far.