My worst nightmare

Hi everyone, had a bad night and woke to a looming dizzy spell, thought I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. Managed to but feel right on the edge if you know what I mean. Thing is, my dad’s staying with us recuperating from a major op and can’t do anything for himself, my husband’s away til this evening and I’m wondering how I’m going to get through the day. This has always been my worst nightmare and stresses me out more than anything - not being able to do what I need to do. It’s at times like this I really hate this condition. I’m trying to remain calm and positive but boy is it hard!


So here I am trying to relax and stay chilled when I see something in my vision around my left eye. It was moving. At first I thought it was a migraine thing but it was a fairly large brown spider that proceeded to walk right down my face! I didn’t realise what it was til I knocked it off. It freaked me out. I hate spiders. I’m really not having a good day at all! :frowning:


Yikes! I hate spiders too. They freak me out.
Brenda, stay calm. Relax as much as you can. Move slowly and breath deeply. You will get through the day. Think of your Dad. He needs you today. Try ice massage. Put ice on your neck and head, that usually give me relief and calms me down.
Keep checking in here, just the support of the people on the forum should calm you down some also.

Joan, thank you so much. I’m struggling but just about coping. Spot on about the moving slowly. I’m having to do that. Forgot about the breathing - I’ll do that too now. Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot.



You can only try your best. That is all. This is a very real and debilitating disorder until we are properly treated. I have been disabled for a few years now. I recall that last year my mother had chemotherapy (knock wood she is doing well now), and she actually was taking care of me.

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You can only try your best. That is all.

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Thanks Lisa. You’re right of course - but I hate being out of control and unable to do things. Most times I can muddle through but today, being on my own and having someone dependant on me, just brought all my fears and frustrations to the surface. It was a relief to get them off my chest and onto this board early this morning when I felt at my worst. It must have been very hard for you last year when your mum was ill. So glad she’s ok now. Life goes on doesn’t it, MAV or no MAV, and as you say, we can only do what we can do. I need to take that on board more than I care to admit. Thanks very much for your reply.


Hey Brenda,
Just sending good wishes to you. I hope you are making it through this day okay and are able to take care of yourself too. This illness is so frustrating because with many of us, there is no way to just “push through” these symptoms. They are just too debilitating.
Hang in there!

Thanks so much Lisa. It’s 7pm here now and I’m still standing! My fear was that I’d be bed bound for a time as sometimes happens. But that didn’t materialise and I’ve made it through the day, albeit in a bit of a dizzy haze. Can’t wait to just flop! Hubby will be home in a few hours which will be a huge relief and take the pressure out of the situation. Really appreciate your good wishes. Hope you’re doing better too.


Brenda: Congratulations! You made it through the day. I hope that gives you a little more confidence in yourself and your ability to do much more.

Hi Brenda,

Good on you! You’ve got through a day from hell - what great willpower. Have to admit you made me laugh with the spider being mistaken for a migraine! Actually since first MAV onset I often “see” things out of the corner of my eye - usually think it’s a bug or cockroach (they’re huge here in Australia). From now on I’ll check there’s nothing actually on my face! :lol:


Joan and Victoria, how lovely to see your comments this morning. Made me feel good! Before I found this board I’d spent many, many years feeling alone and isolated by a condition that no-one seemed to even acknowledge, let alone understand. So to have support from people here is invaluable, not to mention heartwarming. Thank you both so much, and thanks to everyone here for just being there when the going gets tough. What a difference it makes.