Myofascial Dysfunction

Someone in one of the Facebook groups posted this. Long, but worth reading.

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I am curious what the doctor injected into the muscles. Wondering if it could be botox. The symptoms scream MAV triggered by musculature tightness and trigger points.

Trigger point injection can help relieve tender muscle areas that are painful to touch. Injection is made with a small amount of local anesthetic (numbing medication) and/or a steroid (antiinflammatory) into the painful site. The local anesthetic will numb the area, relieve the pain, and decrease the muscle spasm

I read this article and found it really interesting. I too wonder if the muscles in the neck play a role. I am almost certain they do.

That was a crazy read. Now i am paranoid about my neck lol. When i move my neck kind of fast left and right i can hear something on my neck like you are turning a ratchet. Maybe i should stop cracking my neck but feels so good when i do sigh.

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I also found this article /blog very interesting as I have long felt that the neck plays a part in the 'dizziness ’ - even although I have Meneier’s.