Nail beds

So a friend of mine was telling me that she read somewhere that there was a correlation between migraine and heart disease. She said that if you look at your nailbeds and they are red, or even the tips are red you could have heart disease. My nail beds are actually quite red at the top - sort of circles the edge of my nail. Sometimes when I exercise I feel like I am getting angina pain but I was checked out for heart stuff a year ago and they said I was okay - I’m only 47 but heart disease runs in my family. Anyone else? Kind of makes me wonder.

Never heard of this Tamsha and to be honest, the red nail beds thing sounds right up there with iridology. I doubt there’s any evidence for it. Sounds like a lot of woo.

If you were given a clean bill of health on the heart front, aren’t overweight, don’t smoke and keep saturated fat intake low AND exercise, your risk is rock bottom.


I just saw this on the doctors TV show today, YES your nail beds can give a clue to heart disease.
Cant remember exactly what they said, there was alot of info your nail beds can give clue’s to.
It was something about being red though.
go to the doctors tv show online and watch todays episode.