Natural cures

Has anyone found anything natural to help them. I went to doc on wed he prescribed very low dose Effexor and that made me ill. I have a history of anti depressants making so sick I can’t take them. Has anyone experienced this and then found something that was helpful. I am really frustrated. This was kind of like probably this is what is causing your headaches so try this. I have called him and left a message what is the next step but not heard back yet.


Hi Suzanne,

The only thing “natural” that impacts migraine is lifestyle change – such avoiding triggers and stress and sleeping well. Daily exercise is also very important.

Everything else including vitamins and minerals in tablet form are considered medicines and can all come with their share of side effects whether or not they are marketed as natural. It’s a marketing term used to make people think something is safer and somehow a better approach to managing disease. Not so.


Scott thank you for responding. I have been trying to reach you. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or what but my private messages are not going through. Can you help me with this?