'Natural' remedies can prove lethal: research

Hi All,

While I think there’s nothing wrong with taking vitamins and minerals etc or even St Johns Wort or 5HTP for depression (SJW proven to work in clinical trials), it’s worth driving home the point again when new research comes in that the whole idea of “natural” and/ or “alternative” medicine should be approached cautiously. Don’t ever let the term “natural” fool you. It’s used over and over again in online marketing because it sounds so warm and fuzzy and makes people feel safe. Unfortuantely, it can be lethal too as this article outlines:

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[size=130]Herbal cures `a toxic mix’[/size]

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Best … Scott

Oh, Scott, you’ve done it again. Fallen into the clutches of the Western paradigm pushed on us by Big Pharma with their scare tactics and medicalisation of everyday life. Listen to your body - don’t drug it with chemicals and pharmaceuticals and toxins, negative energy and all round bad vibes. Open your mind and harness the power within and tap into the plethora of ancient wisdom (which is never Western by the way, generally Eastern, preferably Indian and/or with a Buddhist flavour). And like, other natural stuff.

LOL – yes, I’m being paid by big pharma. You’ve exposed me. S :slight_smile: