Nausea with minor or no headache in MAV?

Hi everyone,

I have a new issue that is giving me some problems and i’m not sure weather it’s the topamax, or the migraine. I am suffering from a low-grade nausea. it’s not 24/7 but sometimes, it can be present for a full day straight. it seems to accompany a light headache (I fortunately don’t get very heavy headaches) but I even get the nausea when I don’t have any headache at all. i’m just wondering if anyone else has this problem in the absence of a heavy headache? i might expect that with spinning vertigo without headache, but my “dizziness” is mostly visual, and i can escape SOME of my visual woes if I close my eyes (but not the sensation that the world is shifting. I can sense that with my eyes closed unfortunately). but since i had all my visual symptoms since day one, but haven’t had any nausea until around june, i’m wondering if the topamax is causing it. no way to know for sure except to get off the drug, which i’m unwilling to do at this point because although it is not giving me any miracles, i’m far more stablized than i was before it. so i need to figure something out regarding it. this entire condition has been tough on me, with very unrelenting symptoms since day one back in december of last year. i don’t know why it’s been so intractable, but it has not eased for one day since starting, and if anything, has slowly worsened. Anyway, any replies are greatly appreciated. thanks in advance


First off, I’m sorry for the way you feel - I know the feeling, in part… I don’t have many visual symptoms in that way, I’m “just” very sensitive to visual input, and the movement I feel is only when I’m really bad.

Anyways, on topic: yes, I have nausea with little headache. Although, to be clear: the nausea comes and goes (it’s never gone, but it can be a lot worse than it is most of the time). The headache also never leaves, but I still do get “real” migraines, which for me means more headache, but not the extreme kind; but the main symptom of the migraine attacks is increased nausea.

That was pretty unclear, I hope you still get it. :slight_smile:

Hi Boslee & Tran
Isn’t it incredible how MAV can vary so much. I’ve had it for 2yrs4mths and initially the only real visual stuff going on was severe photophobia & phonophobia & headsplitting migraine headaches more of an evening. Heaps of other stuff too, vertigo, chronic, chronic, motion sickness bla, bla, bla…but the worst symptom by far that I’ve had 24/7 for approx 18mths, was the nausea. I’d have given my right arm to stop the debilitating nausea that I felt. My neuro said that his take on it was that the MAV would eventually lift, but not suddenly and I’d say that one of the last symptoms to have lifted was the nausea, which I very rarely get together with all the other stuff, these days. My migraine headaches disappeared well before the nausea. Motion sickness after 1-2 hour drives seems to be my limit in that department too, but I’m hoping that that will improve as times passes. I’d say I’ve reached about 80% these days, with modifications to my lifestyle but nothing I find too earth shattering. I am living a rather ‘sheltered’ existence as I don’t push myself to any real limits so I’m not sure that the 80% (with meds of course :mrgreen: )is completely accurate. I’ve got a 3 hour flight to attempt in October at my niece’s wedding so I’m sure that that will be a big test, I’m hopin like hell I make it and move on to bigger and better things.
I hope you both move steadily in the same direction.


I hate to speak for anybody else, but Kira gets a lot of nausea. I may be wrong, but it seems to me to be one of her main and most limiting symptoms. I’ll leave it at that because these words should be coming from her and not me. But i know she’ll understand my speaking for her.

But, yours coming on suddenly? What’s going on? It is listed on as one of the common side effects of Topamax, so maybe that is your explanation, which would be a crying shame if Top is helping you.

Bos, i’ve told you, i don’t get nauseous, thank God! cause that i don’t think i could take. please God, no nausea!


Hi Boslee!

Alright, so I’m topamax, It hasn’t made me nauseous as it has just flat out suppressed my appetite (which I don’t mind- ha, it’s good for weight loss) When I was a little kid, like 10 or so I used to get painful migraines with such intense nausea. Traditional anti-medics are going to probably heavily sedate you, so be careful

My suggestion:
Ginger and/or tummeric tinctures- Ginger and tummeric both contain COX-2 which on a side note is the active ingredient in ibprofen. They’re great anti-inflammatories so they may help combat your migraneous activities, but they are also GREAT for nausea (see, the whole gingerale thing isn’t just a myth) They won’t interact with any meds because they’re just food additives and they’re relatively inexpensive.

I recommend: Herb Pharm liquid herbal extracts, I mix 30 drops of each with a little orange juice and take it like a shot after every meal.

Good luck,

I was afraid to take ginger because I wasn’t sure how it would react with the topa, but I will give it a try. I can’t go back to my wild swings in symptoms, and since i am not on any other preventatives right now other than a very small amount of effexor, i have to stay on the topa until something else works. than I can slowly get off this stuff. but so far, i can’t complain 100%, as it has stablized me somewhat and proved to me that i have migraine, or MARD. Probably MARD. I have nowhere to go but up from this point (I hope). Thanks again for the suggestion!


Hi There

Nausea is my worst symptom, it is very strong and has been constant since I became ill on 1st Nov 07 at 10:20am (I remember the date and time it started very well!).

I find mints very effective at easing it and have one in my mouth most of the time (I am in danger of my teeth rotting as I have so many of them but I’ll worry about that some other time), also Domperidone helps.


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1st Nov 07 at 10:20am Becky

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A date that will live in infamy :frowning:

I remember mine well also