I have been feeling much better since going on 3 preventatives over a year ago. I know that I have really stressed out my triggers and have been nauseas for about 3 days straight. Thank God for anti nausea meds!!! They are to take every 6 hours as needed? well, I have taken them every 6 hours!!! :mrgreen: Thinking of my migraine friends and hoping everyone is either on the mend or on the way to being on the mend!!!


What med/s is/are those? I could really use one that actually works… and that my doc will prescribe, and that is safe to use often enough. :slight_smile:

Hey Pam,

Sorry to hear you are dealing with the nausea. Hope you can de -stress and feel better soon. May I ask what anti-nausea meds you are taking? Also, what preventatives are you taking (or did you take?) I just began Topamax and my doc gave me Naproxen with a anti-nausea med (the name I can’t recall at the moment) to take when I actuallly get a migraine, but I am a little fearful of the side effects of the anti-nausea med.

Best, Bonnie

Hi guys,

Thansk for your responses. I use Trimethobenzamide 300mg. This is the same med that was used when I was in the ER with what was then not known migraine… I couldn’t stop vomiting…so for my after ER Dr. visit, I asked for an anti- nausea med and this is what was given to me. I have always thought of myself as med sensative, but I haven’t experienced one side effect from any of my migraine meds. I am on Nortriptalyne 75mg, Verapamil ER 360mg and Effexor SR 75mg and then I take my anti nausea med as needed. I believe that the 300mg is the lowest dose of this med and I couldn’t be functioning without it at this point. Safe to take? I think so, my doc hasn’t given me any time limit or negative info onit…but let me know if you do hear of anything bad about it!!!