Does anyone get spells of nausea where the nausea is the most prominent symptom (not the vertigo or the head pain)? Usually my nausea comes from the vertigo or from the part of the migraine attack that goes along with the severe head pain. I’ve been in a bad spell about a week but even when the dizziness ramps down some and the head pain isn’t too bad, I’m very severely nauseated and can’t get any relief, even from Zofran and any other nausea medicine. My doctor said there aren’t any left I can try. I have the under the tongue Zofran and it’s not working very well. I try gingerale, ginger chews, not getting any relief. Usually if my nausea is migraine related, Valium takes it away, but I can’t take that all the time, so I’m wondering if anyone has any other suggestions or has severe unrelenting nausea that lasts for days to weeks? I have chronic migraine and usually it just varies on the intensity of it, but when the nausea hits like this (which it hasn’t in over a year) I end up having to go to my PCP and get IVs multiple times a week and I really don’t want to have to do that again…

HI Shelly,
I used bands in conjunction with Zofran when my nausea was at its worst. The bands can be tricky…you need to be sure they are exactly placed as specified in the directions.

These Sea-Bands are easy because they are elastic and offer pretty good control, but will get stretched out over time

PSI bands are great too. They have adjustable straps and the point on the wrist rotates for added or decreased pressure. These provide the greatest control, are water proof, but can stick to your skin. … pla&ci_kw=

I personally had and used both when I was trailing Topamax, depending on the task. I had non-stop nausea for weeks.

Might be worth a try!


I do! It hasn’t been until these last few months though. It’s just comes and goes. I try to eat something and forget about it.

I have always struggled with tons of nausea. When I first learned that all my symptoms were MAV, I looked back at my past and remembered ALWAYS being nauseas. Now I have medicine that I carry with me, so that when it gets too bad, I have something to help it. I would say that Nausea has always been my most prominant symptom. Recently, it does seem to have changed to mostly eye sensativity, then woozy head then nausea


I actually wear sea bands almost all the time. I had to get the children’s size so they would fit correctly. I had seen the plastic PSI bands on Amazon and was wondering if they worked better. I’m going to get some and try them out. Thanks so much.

Thankfully my nausea has decreased and I’m able to eat and drink normally for the most part (unless I try to get in the car that is! :wink: )

Thanks for the tips and responses.