Nauseous?: Try Tai Chi!

For some reason, when nauseous, I find some basic Thai Chi exercises can usually get rid of the nausea. Anyone had this experience? Try it!

This is really interesting, I might look into this. I’m usually very sedentary since I usually don’t like doing anything physical (it just seems to exacerbate my symptoms, even on a good day), but if it’s recommended by someone on this forum then I will keep an open mind about it. I guess step 1 is to watch videos on Youtube and see if it appeals to me.

Thanks! I will give it a shot this week. :slight_smile: Btw, do you use this only when you’re nauseous or do you find it helps ease unsteadiness/lightheadedness as well?

All of those things

I had my first major dizzy spell when I tried Tai chi, sorry. Go carefully. I also had a similar response to Pilate’s.

I run 3 times a week yet had the biggest attack in six months at my desk 3 weeks ago; sitting still. Don’t think physical exercise (within limits) is an attack risk. On the contrary, between attacks it’s really important to help your brain compensate and for the rest of your body to stay healthy. Tai Chi is extremely calming and gentle. Your head moves very slowly. Exercise is crucial for you mentally and helps you cope.

But I respect everyone has their own limits that they become aware of. Sorry you had an attack. Ugh.

I tried tai chi, just a beginner’s session on YouTube, and found that it actually calmed down the tinnitus to almost nil! It is very relaxing too.

Yoga was helpful - poses to exercise my neck helped (weird) but no quick upside-down or sideways changes . My physical therapist said that gentle exercise would help my body to adjust and not to overreact as much. Again, slooow to start with.

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