Nearing 1 Year Mark

I was hoping that, by now, things would have settled down. I have days that touch, where the dizziness is almost non-existant, I continue to suffer under the hum of fluorescent lighting. The longer the exposure, the greater the dizziness, the more intense the fatigue and pain in my back/neck, and shoulders. I limit my exposure but sometimes, it’s just inevitable.

Spent 3 hours at the physical therapist’s office with the woman I take care of. I started off rather well, but as time progressed, I noticed it was harder to stand without the muscles throughout my legs and back adjusting and readjusting to counter the leans and instability I was feeling. By the time we left, my vision began sort of pixelating and I was working up a really impressive headache. This morning, I’m ‘hung over’.

In two months, it will be one year that I’ve been working with/through this. At this point, I’d like to be able to say that I have a full understanding of MAV and what it entails. How it works, etc. But it appears that it’s almost as individual as fingerprints. Just when I think I ‘get it’, I don’t. I’m told, by a doctor who doesn’t really seem to be that well versed in MAV, that I could expect to come to the end of this ‘migraine’ cycle. This doesn’t seem to be the case. I was recently told, by this same doctor, that I needn’t worry about the auras, so long as a migraines don’t follow, and usually, they don’t I have some sort of aura an average of 3 times per week. If the dizziness is the way my migraines manifest, and my dizziness usually increases following auras, then shouldn’t we be doing more to stop the migraines?

Yes…the second insurance kicks in again, it’s the Neurotologist for me.

The medication I’m on now continues to help me power through - meaning I don’t succomb to the fatigue like I once did - and barring prolonged exposure to my triggers, the dizziness is manageable. I tend the farm (ducks), the house, my 25 hour work week - and make it a point to do at least 2 things that I don’t normally do…outside of the house.