Neck, back and ears

I am curious as to which tests people have had relating to their neck, back and/or ears.

My neck and back have never had any scans etc, but perhaps that is because they don’t need to be. I’m not sure why these never got ruled out as I’ve heard they’re common causers of mav. I don’t get any pain in my back, I do in my neck but this is common of mav. Can someone explain to me when (if any) checks of the neck and back are necessary concerning dizziness and mav?

Ear-wise I’ve had quite a lot of checks done, but no scans. Is this necessary or not really?

I guess I just feel like not enough has been done to check everything so am looking for answers again, if anyone can shine some kind of scientific light on perhaps why checks of the above would/wouldn’t be necessary it’d be nice to know. Many thanks, wc.

Hi there,
Your neck can cause dizziness, but usually it is muscular issues that causes this. Not necessarily a herniated disc/pinched nerve (that would give you some serious neck and arm pain/tingling, numbness, weakness in your hand). That would be the main reason for an mri of your neck

Scans of your ears as far as I understand won’t do much. The problem for dizziness is in the inner ear. They can’t see in there. You can have caloric testing done to check for any vestibular weakness in one ear vs the other. That would be a reason for dizziness. But again, there isn’t much medically they are going to do for that anyway. Your brain has to compensate for those kind of problems. That is where VRT (vestibular rehab) comes in.

An MRI of the brain can be done to make sure a tumor or other neurological problem isn’t causing your dizziness. Which in most cases isn’t true. I don’t think an MRI of the brain can diagnosis a migraine though.

I’d talk with your doctor about these issues and have them explain what tests are necessary and what tests aren’t and why. That might make you feel better.

Hang in there,