Neck causing dizziness

I was lying down last night watching tv and happened to rub the back of my neck and felt like i was moving from side to side. When i stopped rubbing my neck it stopped. I thought it was just a coincidence as throughout the day i have various feelings of strange movement, even falling feelings but as i continued to rub my neck i continued to have the same feelings of movement not just from side to side but everywhere. Does anyone have any ideas as to why rubbing the back of my neck could cause these feelings?

Sometimes when I massage my neck I feel a little more dizzy. I have a bad neck though, 2 surgeries.
One thing I learned about cervicogenic dizziness is that, it really only happens with neck movement and massage.
If your just sitting there or standing still, you shouldn’t feel dizzy. Not sure what your symptoms are.

But your neck could be a trigger. I thought it was coming from my neck, so did 3 other doc’s. But now its looking like its
vestibular migraine, with the neck being the trigger.


I actually feel better when moving and worse when sitting still , I don’t get dizzy with head movements so does that mean I can’t have cerviogenic dizziness?

Your like me. Im better with movement. I would get dizzy when I was moving my head alot, like when I was cleaning the house, picking stuff up etc…

I thought mine was cervico and i found some docs that agreed, but after I started the PT treatment for it, the PT that specialized in vestibular disorders said that- usually when you have cervicogenic dizziness, your mostly dizzy only when moving the head, not just sitting still. I had 2 treatments, and stopped because she said usually people Start getting better with the 1st treatment. I got worse. I thought it meant IT MUST be my neck, if touching it makes it worse. But she said no, with her tx I shouldn’t get worse, and it doesn’t appear to be neck related. She believed that the neck for sure had something to do with it, but it was the trigger not the underlying issue.

I feel better when walking and in the car. Which is a little different from most. But my Oto nurse said, she has heard that with MAV.
Its confusing… The best way to figure it out is, find a specialist vestibular PT and have a couple tx’s.

But you sound like me…so you prob. dont.


Thanks for your reply, i seen my normal doctor and she just said that she doesn’t know why I feel like this, she told me to see my neurologist. I guess I will just have to wait until I get another appointment.I actually felt a bit better last week but it only lasted 2 days, Ill just keep taking the Nortriptyline and see if it helps.