Need advice, struggling with MAV, depression, and anxiety. Need meds that help, tried so much without relief

Hello, brand new to this board and hopeing to find someone else out there that has similar struggles and can offer some advise… Long story short, I was diagnosed with MAV about 10 years ago. Since, I take .50 kolonipin 5 times a day to aliveate 24/7 MAV symptoms. I also have severe anxiety and depression. I have tried almost all antidepressants including lexapro, cymbalta, pristiq, wellibutrin, effexor XL, Zoloft, and Prozac. None have really helped any of my conditions. I had a bad reaction to beta blockers and topamax too. Anyone have similar issues and found meds to help? I am feeling hopeless at this point.

Tricyclics? Amitriptyline has been great for me and most anxiety has vanished apart from when really symptomatic with tinnitus. I think that’s because it largely stabilised me not that it impacted the anxiety directly. Vertigo attacks no longer phase me, just annoys unless they are a real storm.

Celexa? I’ve heard that’s effective.

Have you had basic counselling e.g. Relaxation therapy, CBT, mindfulness or ACT? It can be extremely effective and avoids drugs.

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Seriously @seabass we’re going to go that route on this forum? That’s despicable.

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On the contrary, we do care. If we don’t respond it’s usually because we’ve not personally had the right experience to respond. Note it’s not that busy either because this problem is so rare (but sadly not THAT rare)

Most of the people on this board have been through various levels of hell, can relate to most posters experience and know only too well that support from others can make a huge difference.

Your post is very unfriendly and not helpful. Please take it down. Whatever you are going through I’m sure the OP is going through a similarly tough time.


Dear seabass
This forum is for people suffering with dizzyness it a place for us to rant ,cry and let our feelings out about our condition.
Part of the problem with dizzyness is that its unseen …attitudes like yours are not welcome or helpful .
How do you know that the comment you made wont tip someone over the edge?
This struggle is real.
Please if you dont have anything constructive to say …stay off this forum
Thank you

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Dear sculpculp
Please try ACT therapy i found it really helpful.
I know how you feel I’ve tried drug after drug too :confused:
Its normal to feel depressed about this condition but you can get through this xxx


Hi there! I have been struggling for 10 years as well. I’ve tried LOTS of different medications including Topamax and a beta blocker. Neither helped. I have been on Lexapro for years for anxiety…because yes, this condition causes anxiety…and I take a Klonopin a night before bed and 1/2 a .5 Ativan in the morning. The Klonopin and Ativan are the only things that seem to help at all. I’ve been told it’s because they calm the nerves which are also responsible for firing all of the migraine signals. I hate meds and am terrified of being on these forever, but on the same note I’m not living when I can’t function due to debilitating migraines with auras and 24/7 dizziness. This disorder or combination of disorders is a nightmare for sure, but I try to stay positive and remember how lucky I am otherwise. I am not promoting benzos by ANY means though. They are highly addictive, which is why it scares me to think I might have to take them forever. But they are the only thing that has given me any real and notable relief. Hope this helps. Would love to hear back from you! Good luck and you’re definitely not alone! :slight_smile:

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Margaret, did you try tricyclics? Ie.g. Ami, Nori)

I’m starting to believe that your reaction to your condition often determines how easy it is for your brain to compensate. If anxiety takes you over I believe its really hard for the brain to relearn as you are in panic mode. I’ve been really calm of late and this has lead to a huge improvement in my daily feeling (or is it the other way around???). I’ll better touch wood now before I get a huge relapse! :smiley:

Thanks! I am trying the amitriptyline and have an appointment for talk therapy. Hopefully, this will do the trick… Praying, because I have tried almost everything else. I really appreciate your advice. :green_heart:

Both excellent things to try. We’re all here to help eachother, be sure to post a progress report.