Need some advise on increasing medications

Ok, so I was doing great for 4-5 months. Now bam slowly and progressively things are going downhill. I had final exams and stress of holidays that I thought did this to me, but now it is going on 2 weeks feeling this way. Do you think it will pass, or is it onto a change in medications that may help me. I am only on ami 25 mg daily, and nadolol 40 mg. Wondering if I should titrate my ami up to 35 mg? I am sitting here at work today, spinning, and its making me feel like my life is going to be over. I can’t go back to the way I felt many months ago. I took a 1/2 of clonopin today (first time ever)…hoping it helps take the edge off.
Any advise?

It’s really not uncommon for one to need to increase meds as the brain compensates and sometimes the meds need to override that compensation. 25 mg of ami is pretty low and you shouldn’t have much problem moving up. Have you tried nortriptyline? It’s more commonly prescribed than the ami as its so similar yet usually better tolerated. You can move straight across if you decide to give it a try.
Did the klonopin help?
I take a low dose of klonopin daily and it helps a lot.
Good luck.

Thanks Kelley! can always count on your replies! I have been on the ami since may or june and worked my way up to 25mg. I dont have any side effects, so I would rather stick to this as I have had several months of so called “normal” functioning. I am bummed because I am not liking how I have been feeling latley. This has lasted now for over 2 weeks. I keep thinking I will begin to get better, but its not happening. I am not sure if the klonopin helped. It def cut down on the spinning feeling, but I went home and fell asleep for a few hrs, so I think it made me drowsy. I took a half of a 0.5mg I think. I had just been to the neuro in begin of dec and all was well, so I really dont want to go back to him right now. I may just cut my 25mg tablets in half and take 1 1/2 to see if it starts making a difference.

I am still searching for the right mix, but for 2 years I do count on .25 Klonopin to get me through a tough afternoon or pressure situation…it does make me tired, but nice trade off for slowing dizziness and anxiety.
Good luck.

Sounds like a good plan. Keep us posted on how you do!