Need some experienced help!

I am just starting down this med road…I have had to stop two already with bad effects…seems like Celexa is going to work, starting at 10mg a day then supposed to get up to 40 in two weeks…I am having a few side effects feeling foggy and a little dizzy…when you all have increased doses of what drug you are trying, did you get the same side effects on the increase as you did just starting a drug?
Thanks for any feedback!

Yes, I got increased dizziness when starting meds, and with SSRIs, increased anxiety, fatigue, nausea and stomach upset. You may want to slow down your increase if the side effects are too great. Going from 10 mg to 40 mg in two weeks is quite a leap for some people. If you are feeling too floaty from the dose increases, you could always slow your increases down to 5 mg increments and wait a week at that level before moving up to the next level. It takes a bit longer to get to where you want to be, but it’s easier on the system.

My maximum dose on Celexa was 20 mg and I took four weeks to get there, starting at 2.5 mg so I’m a slow riser :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I didn’t on nortriptaline; I think others have. G’luck sorting out what works for you.

Thanks for the couple of responses, I am not a very patient person, so I want the improvemnt right away, but I am a whimp on medicine…I think I will chose the slow but steady route, I do have to be able to work while I increase so I better play it safe…thanks, I would be glad to hear from others if you are still reviewing this post.

I was unable to work for 12 weeks when all this happened. I took a beta blocker Nadolol 40mg for 1 month and saw some mild improvement. I added ami 10mg to the mix and it made me far worse than better initially. Almost like it stirred my symptoms up. It took several weeks to get over that and as I increased my dose up to 25mg I started feeling a lot of improvement. I did go back to work, (not fully recovered) but each week got better. Unfortunately patience and time are key. I am happy that I stuck with my med combo bc it helped me be 95% for the last 5 months.

I was taking 30mg of nortriptline…i felt shi%%y…constipated…cold hands…goosebumpy…just wierd, so am now on 10mg. i feel a bit better but still “off”. I have to give it a few months though…it beats being dizzy all the time.
I feel kind of wobbly when i go down stairs…like Im about to get a dizzy spell, but it just passes. :roll: